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website based on css-grid-layout
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Website for non-govermental organization

Website was made for local NGO in city of Poznań, that supports preservation of green areas and watching over the reasonable infrastructure development in particular districts.

I designed layout views (desktop, table, mobile) with Adobe Xd.

style guide style guide

Site was build with CSS Grid Layout, with fallback for older browsers with no grid support (feature queries).

Page content

  • Website is One Page due to informative character character of its content.
  • Layout contains of major information about the organization goals and undertaken activities.
  • Page is presented in responsive manner (media queries).

For users:

You can visit website on

For developers [Setup instructions]

  • Copy or clone this repository
  • You need NPM and GULP installed
  • Cd to project directory and run gulp
  • Website will be served on: http://localhost:3000/


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