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This is the first release of the DDLC Mod Template! It includes everything you need to start building your own Doki Doki Literature Club fan mods.

Current Features

  • Import save data from DDLC. This will not affect the original game.
  • Build Packaging customized for DDLC mods. Distribute cross-platform mods with ease thanks to Ren'Py.
  • Mod Installation instructions & guide. Run the game to get a tutorial by Monika!
  • Splash screen on first load. This adheres to Team Salvato's IP Guidelines for creating fan mods of the game.
  • Customizable! Use as a starting point for any ideas you wish to create.

Planned Features

  • Longer initial tutorial, detailing all the basic files included in the template.
  • Advanced tutorial with specific lessons on unique DDLC functions like "glitch" special effects.
  • Advanced templates for replacing important scripts from DDLC with your own.
  • More documentation, detailing the full API for DDLC and listing all assets accessible from DDLC's archives.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to set up the template.

  1. Download and install the Ren'Py SDK.
  2. Download below.
  3. Place the files in the Ren'py working directory (chosen during installation).
  4. Download the DDLC files (available for free at & drop the .rpa files from it into the /game directory for your project.
  5. Launch the project in Ren'Py. It should compile & run.
  6. Navigate the Ren'Py menu & select "Build Distributions" & select "DDLC Compatible Mod." This will create a cross-platform .ZIP file with files for the mod & installation instructions. (An example can be downloaded here.)