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v0.10.0 - The Art Refresh Update 2

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 08 Sep 02:18
· 6988 commits to master since this release

It's like someone turned the romantic setting up to 11. - Monika

IMPORTANT: Spritepacks from previous versions are not compatible with this and subsequent versions of MAS.

Gameplay Changes

  • Night filter has been changed. It is now less destructive on blues/greens.

  • Eye/Nose/Mouth sprites have been redone. Looks way cleaner now.

  • Leaning pose arms have been redrawn to be in proper proportion with the rest of Monika's body.

  • Hair has been cleaned

  • Ribbon selector is now always available at happy+.

  • Clothes selector now available happy+ instead of love+. Special occasion outfits, however, will not appear until love+.

  • Added blazerless outfit. Monika will introduce this randomly.

  • Weather masks have been redone.

  • Spaceroom changes dynamically with the weather now

  • Added Dark Mode UI. This can be toggled to always on, or shifting with day/night cycle.

  • "I love you" menu option only available if affection greater than -50.

  • "I love you" menu option affection gain rates have been changed

  • "I love you" menu option is now dynamic and can be used to react directly to Monika saying "I love you" in a previous topic.

  • Added more window reactions

  • New chores/housework greeting/farewell.

  • Smoother transitions (aka dissolve) out of various topics/menus.

  • Tears greeting now appears when distressed instead of broken

  • Moved the O-Tei story from horror stories to regular stories.

  • Time traveling will now only reset future events from the date traveled to.

new topics

  • monika_first_sight_love
  • monika_anime_art

changed topics

  • monika_concerts - now only appears if you've seen all the music genre topics
  • monika_twitter - twitter handle is now a link
  • monika_penname

removed topics

  • monika_programming - obsoleted by ptods


  • JSON formats for spritepacks have changed. See JSON formats for more info.


  • More Hairstyles by @Orcaramelo - includes 4 new hairstyles (twin bun/twin tails/ponytail with braid/usagi)
  • Bun by MAS Team - previously unreleased hairstyle, now available as a spritepack
  • Shell Bikini by @Orcaramelo - shell bikini + a pink flower for hair
  • Blue Shirt by Finale (@Olliesama) - blue shirt, created by EroNeko, commissioned by Finale.
  • Pink Shirt by @Velius94 - pink sleveless shirt


  • More Ribbon Colors by @LanvalLime - updated to version 2, with new night filter
  • Hairclips by @Professor-JMO - updated to version 2, with new night filter


  • typofixes

  • monika_ribbon now works correctly when ribbonless

  • Fixed music not stopping before horror stories

  • Fixed more seizure cases

  • Fixed issue where music menu becomes unselectable after clicking calendar for the first time with no birthdate.

  • Fixed hairdown greeting resetting sundress outfit

  • Fixed crashes that would occur from removing a sprite-json outfit before having Monika take it off.

  • Fixed compliments not unlocking

  • Fixed crash greeting re-queueing on chain crashes

  • Fixed occasional crashes when Monika shows a notification

  • Fixed mom nickname reaction not being gender-inclusive

API Changes

Sprite System Changes

  • Body/Arm sprites now are split into back/front variants. More info is on #3174 and #4582.
  • Because of the massive sprite system changes, update EXP Previewer before using it.


  • mas_utils.pdget - protected dict get, for common get scenarios with dicts.
  • mas_sprites.NUM_POSE - map of pose numbers to string names of the poses.
  • MASHistorySaver now includes ranges, these ranges affect trigger adjustments. See #4566 for more info.
  • Pose 7 has been added. This is a combination of restleftpointright's right arm and down's left arm.
  • Soft Eyes. Spritecode is f.
  • Unit test framework in dev_unittests.


  • new framework for changing backgrounds
  • see #4503 for more info

Dark Mode

  • all UI sprites now need a dark variant with a _d suffix. use mas_getTimeFile with the day version of a UI sprite.
  • mas_globals.dark_mode - True if dark mode is on
  • mas_globals.button_text_hover_color - use this for the color param in hover button text
  • mas_globals.button_text_idle_color - use this for the color param in idle button text


  • All session related functions have been moved to init level -985
  • window reaction labels now have the following prefix: mas_wrs_
  • display_notif can now take a list of quips
  • fun facts moved to their own database (FFF) and file
  • mas_isInActiveWindow - accepts non inclusive key checking


  • fixed issues with spritemaker tools


  • Removed left/right tear sprites due to lack of practical use

Special Thanks