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v0.10.1 - The "Mostly Fixes" Update 2

@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this
· 5815 commits to master since this release
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This update consists almost entirely of gen-. Okay, maybe it has something special~

Gameplay Changes

  • Added 922 content

  • Changed leaning arms based on user feedback

  • Blush expression sprites have been remade

  • Affection gained from gifts has been reworked

  • Spritepack gifts now give affection (this is capped real low, though)



  • Blue Shirt by Finale (@Olliesama) - fixed hair going under clothes in pose 1 and 3


  • typofixes

  • Fixed issue where the change Hair/Ribbon/Hairclip/etc selection topics disappeared semi-permanently. If this happened to you, preview/switch to the Witch/Neko outfit then switch back to a normal outfit to fix the missing topics.

  • Fixed quick menu (Auto/History/Save/Load/etc) not having the correct color in dark mode

  • Fixed instances where scrollable menus were cut off

  • Fixed missing image on title screen when dark mode is on

API Changes


  • Added on day change/hour change labels and flowcheck constants for spaceroom idle
  • Added a new layering zone for facial sprites that should be rendered before hair. This is currently used by new blush.
  • MASUndoActionRule - reverses Event actions when outside date ranges for the Event
  • MASStripDatesRule - removes date properties of Events
  • mas_checkOverDate - checks if the player was out during a date ranges
  • mas_capGainAff - generic affection capper


  • mas_SELisUnlocked - no longer needs sprite type

Special Thanks