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v0.10.2 - The Halloween 2019 Update

@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this
· 5407 commits to master since this release
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Gameplay Changes

  • o31 content

  • Added a songs pool topic that groups all song topics together.

  • The in-game updater is now disabled if you have rpy files in your game/.

  • The ribbon selector has been changed to refer to ribbons as "Hair Ties".

  • Added an "Outfit Mode" checkbox to the clothes selector screen. When Outfit Mode is enabled, hairstyles and ACS that match a clothing item will be worn when previewing that clothing item in the selector.

  • Added a restore button to the selector screens. This functions like Cancel except it doesn't back out of the selector.

  • Removed the "Upset Monika" idle sprite. The affection level still exists, there's just no visual representation anymore.

  • Linux users are now notified if MAS notifications will not work on their system

  • Generic gifts are now repeatable, aka you don't have to wait an entire day before regifting a generic gift. This is to help out spritepack users who try to gift a sprite before installing the spritepack correctly.

  • Removed the plushie gift reaction

  • The start of the d25 season has been pushed back 10 days. All d25-related topics will appear 10 days after dec 1.

  • NOTE: The witch/neko outfits are legacy'd meaning they will not appear as a greeting this year. This is due to significant differences between these outfit's sprite layer format and the current system. Once these outfits have been updated, they will return to standard o31 content flow. (They will continue to be selectable if you already have them unlocked).

Topic Changes


  • greeting_esperanto
  • greeting_surprised2
  • mas_mood_lazy
  • monika_life_skills
  • mas_song_im_glad_youre_evil_too
  • mas_song_nobody_makes_sense
  • mas_song_stand_by_me
  • mas_song_yozurina


  • Added the holding topic to Romance
  • Added more options to the work greeting
  • Added more options to the school greeting
  • Removed the menu dialogue in monika_idle_game
  • Extended the Going to Sleep and Goodnight farewells past midnight until 1am.

Spritepack Changes



  • All spritepacks now include a folder labeled gifts. This contains empty textfiles with the correct naming/extension for a spritepack gift for convenience.
  • Hairstyles by Orcaramelo has been updated to include the twintail ex prop.


  • typofixes

  • Fixed linework consistency issue between emptydesk and the standard table sprite.

  • Fixed topics interrupting mood topics in some circumstances.

  • Fixed an apology that ended in ILY but did not connect with the ILY button.

  • Fixed the monika_attractiveness topic ending in ILY but not connecting with the ILY button.

  • Fixed a greeting that ended in ILY but did not connect with the ILY button.

  • Fixed skin overlap issue with the Uniform outfit.

  • Fixed the in-game updater updating to versions older than a client's current version.

  • Fixed event rules having NoneTypes instead of datetimes

API Changes


  • Added blazerless and blackdress to the expression previewer
  • Added flags as a bitmask type to Event. Unused for now.
  • mas_getSpriteObjInfo now returns the sprite object as well.
  • Songs database for song topics. All song topics should be added to this database so they can appear in the pool topic as well as the song randomize. See script-songs for more info.
  • PROMPT_MAP - map that relates selector topics to their possible prompts based on MASMonika status.
  • o31 costumes are now selected via the costume exprop. Unworn clothes are prioritized.


  • ACSTemplate - class that sets up defaults for ACS of a given type. Currently only supports mux_type and ex_props.
  • abort - flag to stop an ACS from being worn. Only accessible in the pre-change hooks.
  • outfit_mode - flag passed into progpoints that denote if we are in outfit mode or not.

Sprite exprops

  • required-hair-prop - for ACS, locks the ACS to only be used with a hair that contains the given ex_prop
  • twintails - for Hair, marks that a hairstyle has twintails.
  • ribbon-like - for ACS, marks that the ACS can take the place of a ribbon
  • costume - for Clothes, marks that this clothing item is a costume and can be used for things like o31.
  • cosplay - for Clothes, marks that this clothing item is a cosplay outfit. Unused.

Sprite json props

  • dlg_desc - user friendly name of an accessory to be used in dialogue. should be all lowercase
  • dlg_plural - boolean that determines whether or not dlg_desc should be used with plural descriptors.


  • persistent._mas_monika_breakup is no longer used


  • Removed diary_entry from Event. Only the prop is removed, data will removed after holiday season.

Special Thanks