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v0.10.4 - The Christmas 2019 Update

@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this
· 5043 commits to master since this release
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Happy Holidays~~

Gameplay Changes

  • D25

  • Islands are now available all season

  • short stories and scary stories have been combined into a single menu (Can you tell me a story?)

  • added way to see poems Monika has previously written for you (Can I read one of your poems again?)

  • hair ties selector now filters hairties based on the current hairstyle.

  • some special greetings will now be shown even if a type-based farewells are used. this is to avoid certain greetings from never being shown if users never use the random goodbyes.

  • farewells that trigger a specific greeting may not trigger that greeting anymore if too much time has passed

  • new mug art

  • gifting the rose may result in a kiss

  • limited the yuri glitch greeting to only show once

Topic Changes


  • monika_aurora
  • monika_songwriting
  • monika_catch22
  • monika_snowmen


  • more daydreams in monika_daydream
  • monika_mountain, monika_backpacking, monika_outdoors - derandomed during winter

Spritepack Changes



  • Hairstyles by Orcaramelo - removed the twintails prop from the braided ponytail.
  • Shell Bikini by Orcaramelo - bikini exprop added


  • typofixes

  • base art fixes

  • fixed ear rose clipping over hand in leaning pose

  • fixed outstanding issues with the Dark Mode UI

  • removed unintended square in extras menu

  • MASUndoActionRules can no longer have Nones, which should prevent related crashes

API Changes

  • Queued topics that trigger on startup are delayed an idle cycle. (#5052)

  • Type-based greetings now respect a timeout option (persistent._mas_greeting_type_timeout) see #5024 for more info

  • should_override_type added to MASGreetingRules. This allows a greeting to bypass type checks when being considered for selection on startup. Certain typed greetings will always have higher precedence over greetings that bypass type checks.

  • MASPoem class, contains poems as well as metadata about them. (See zz_poems)

  • sprite checker validates extend lines now

  • mas_clothes_changes accepts additional parameters

  • mas_songs.getVolume returns actual_volume instead of context.secondary_volume

  • addReaction takes exclusion keys, related to D25 gifting. (See zz_reactions for more info)


  • persistent._mas_last_kiss - datetime of the last kiss from Monika


  • mas_timePastSince - checks if current time is past a given time and timedetla.
  • mas_pastOneDay - like mas_timePastSince but for one day
  • mas_is18Over - checks if the player is over 18. uses _mas_player_bday, so it requires the user to select an appropriate calendar date first.
  • mas_getPlayerAge - gets player age. uses _mas_player_bday.
  • mas_canShowRisque - see the function for more info (definitions)
  • mas_lastSeenLastYear - checks if a given eventlabel was last seen last year
  • mas_isFirstSeshPast - checks if first session is past given date
  • mas_isD25Pre - checks if given date is in d25 season but before d25
  • mas_hasUnlockedClothesWithExprop - checks if there are any unlocked selectors for clothes with a given exprop
  • mas_getGiftedDates - gets dates that a given gift was gifted on (via gift reaction label)
  • mas_lastGiftedInYear - checks if a gift (via gift reaction label) was gifted in a given year

history-related functions (see zz_history)

  • mas_HistWasFirstValueIn
  • mas_HistGetFirstYearOfValue
  • mas_HistVerifyAll_k
  • mas_HistVerifyLastYear_k

Special Thanks