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v0.10.6 - Small Fix Update

@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this
· 4735 commits to master since this release
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Gameplay Changes

  • Fun facts now prioritize unseen facts first

  • Bad fun facts have been removed

  • Base sprites are now less shiny

  • If your birthdate year is invalid, Monika will prompt you to fix the year (one-time only)

Spritepack Changes


(NOTE: all of these adjustments are non-critical changes)

  • The following spritepacks have updated thumbnails:
    • Ribbons by Anonymioo
    • Winter Jacket by finale
    • More Ribbon Colors by Lanvallime
    • Black Bow by multimokia
    • Shell Bikini by Orcaramelo
    • Pink Shirt by Velius94
    • White and Navy Blue Dress by Velius94
  • Ribbons by Anonymioo - fixed transparency hole in the bi-sexual pride ribbon


  • Fixed crash when updating from 0.10.4 to 0.10.5 (instrument crash)

  • Fixed thumbnails containing outdated hair sprites.

API Changes

  • Removed unused code