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v0.11.1 - Midsized Fix Update

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 02 May 03:14
· 4656 commits to master since this release

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Gameplay Changes

  • Monika now reacts more appropriately if you call yourself a name that isn't "good"

  • Monika now reacts more appropriately if you call her an awkward (aka not bad or good) name. Does not affect her current name if it was good before but is now considered awkward

  • reworded gender change dialogue so it doesn't seem like an interrogation

  • the calendar now uses Monika's font and highlights the current day

  • added a settings screen listing all current hotkeys

  • default/interface/music fonts now support Korean and Simplified Chinese characters

  • removed the mommy Monika meme

Topic Changes


  • monika_hot_springs
  • monika_soft_rains
  • 6 fun facts
  • 1 new song


  • monika_careful - replaced with monika_soft_rains

Spritepack Changes


  • Short Hairs by Echo


  • typofixes

  • fixed bug where games and topics were not being unlocked. Anything that would have been unlocked will be retroactively unlocked.

  • fixed zoom not resetting during piano scene

  • fixed muted audio issue during piano scene. Monika will prompt you about audio if your audio is muted.

  • fixed twintails hair style being locked for people who did not get the Miku outfit on o31 even if they have installed the spritepack

  • fixed general issues with gender change/player name change topics being unexpectedly locked

  • fixed events that were on the calendar when they weren't supposed to be

  • fixed the opendoor greeting running after a forced close

  • fixed some false positives when setting player/Monika names

  • fixed init-level crash when submods module tries to log something

API Changes

EXP Previewer has been updated

  • games now have a backing Event object
  • styles have been simplified to an understandable inheritance hierarchy. MOST buttons now derive from the images in mod_assets/buttons/generic/*.
  • dark/light mode is now swapped automatically if a style has a name that ends with _dark
  • the spaceroom progresses the filter. The current filter should not be changed elsewhere unless given good reason.
  • filters will now be based on the MASBackground object. this has NOT been completely implemented. Expect full implementation by next content release.
  • additional data is logged when logging affection. Should help pinpoint some aff loss issues.


  • mas_isGameUnlocked - checks if a game should appear unlocked (aka should the player be able to access this game at this time). This does not reflect whether or not the game has been unlocked via xp.
  • mas_HKRaiseShield_main/mas_HKDropShield_main - controls shields for the Talk/Extra/Music/Play hotkeys
  • mas_RaiseShield_piano/mas_DropShield_piano - controls shields for piano scenes
  • mas_MUINRaiseShield/mas_MUINDropShield - controls shields for all music-specific interactions
  • songs.hasMusicMuted - checks if the music channel is muted or if the Mute All option is enabled
  • MASFilterSwitch - new filter-based version of ConditionSwitch. This should be the primary way to make a sprite that gets tinted on filter.
  • MASFilteredsprite - generates a filtered version of an image as a displayable
  • mas_sprites.add_filter - adds a new filter. Must be called before init level -1
  • mas_sprites.get_filter - gets the current filter
  • mas_sprites.set_filter - sets the current filter
  • mas_isCurrentFlt - checks if current filter is a certain value
  • added scene change requests to mas_idle_mailbox. See the class for more info.
  • mas_isDay - replaces mas_isSunny
  • mas_isDayNow - like mas_isDay but for current time. This should be used instead of mas_isMorning
  • mas_isNightNow - like mas_isNight but for current time
  • MASBackground.isFltDay - checks if the current filter is a "day" filter which uses the "day" UI
  • MASBackground.isFltNight - checks if the current filter is a "night" filter which uses the "night" UI
  • MASButtonDisplayable.create_st - creates a button where idle/hover/disable text is all the same
  • MASButtonDisplayable.create_stb - creates a button where idle/hover/disable text is all the same and backgrounds use choice_button's frames if possible
  • mas_getPropFromStyle - retrieves the value of a property from a style
  • markSeen - new param to addEvent that marks an Event as seen (_seen_ever)


  • mas_HKRaiseShield/mas_HKDropShield - controls shields for all MAS-specific hotkeys
  • MASFilterableSprite - updated to include highlight via a MASFilterMap. This should only be used if you need highlight options in a filter-respecting sprite.
  • progress_filter - new param for the spaceroom label. passing in False will prevent the filter from progressing
  • mas_isMorning - deprecated. Use mas_isDayNow instead.


  • persistent.game_unlocks
  • morning_flag - anywhere that was using this has now been replaced with an isFltDay call on the MASBackground class
  • mas_weather.should_scene_change - use the idle mailbox to request a scene change

Special Thanks

  • @Iniquitatis - UI code simplification and other UI suggestions