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v0.11.3 - The Sunset Update

@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this
· 3367 commits to master since this release
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No, this is not the last update. That'll happen next April

Gameplay Changes

  • Added a sunrise/sunset filter. Each is a 30 minute duration after/before the sunrise/sunset time

  • Backgrounds and weather no longer change upon a restart if you specifically selected a static background/weather

  • Background selector topic now unlocks automatically if additional backgrounds have been added

  • Better tear sprites (from @Professor-JMO)

  • Added song analysis framework, which provides a way to setup a topic that can discuss a song

  • Random song selection now prioritizes unseen songs

  • Consumables can now have a maximum stock

  • Tip-of-the-day topics now unlock on a day change instead of XP

  • Text input screens now have a "Nevermind" button instead of requiring you to type "Nevermind"

  • Bad/awkward player names are no longer allowed in the initial name input screen or when importing DDLC data

  • There is now a set pool of pool topics that are unlocked by default, which helps reduce the lack of interactivity experienced by new players.

  • Pool unlocks per level have been increased to 5. This is retroactively applied to all users who started with the XP system introduced in 0.11.2.

  • Gender selection/preferred name selection topics now appear after a certain amount of time instead of being dependent on XP

  • Added transgender options to gender selection topics

  • Added additional in-game explanations regarding replenishing consumables

  • Scrollbars in all menus no longer save position when closed

  • Window reactions now work on Linux. Requires xdotool

  • UI hiding (right-click/window hiding) is now disabled in timed-text events

  • All surprise files (and imsorry text files) now appear in the characters/ folder instead of the base directory

  • Added missing affection paths for BRB topics

  • Songs no longer auto derandom

  • Weather topics are now locked if the background does not support weather

  • Submods screen now shows submod info even if it does not have a settings pane

  • Submods now require author and name to be valid as a label name

Topic Changes


  • monika_architecture
  • monika_being_herself
  • monika_dying_same_day
  • monika_fear
  • monika_isekai
  • monika_language_nuances
  • monika_movie_adaptations
  • monika_naps
  • monika_scuba_diving
  • monika_striped_pajamas
  • monika_using_pcs_healthily
  • monika_wabi_sabi
  • 5 new BRBs:
    • homework
    • working on something
    • napping
    • exercise/workout
    • coding
  • 4 new fun facts
  • 6 new songs
  • 1 new greeting


  • monika_festival - added ILY response
  • monika_kiss - added additional paths for kissing multiple times in a row
  • monika_smoking - added extra dialogue for players who quit smoking
  • monika_trolley - general rewrite

Spritepack Changes

  • Short Hairs by Echo - minor edits to the front hair layers


  • typofixes

  • Fixed infinite loop errors

  • Fixed arbitrary data loss when time traveling or changing time zones

  • Fixed ILY getting stuck after time traveling

  • Fixed crashes resulting from undo action rule checks

  • Fixed crash when generating shopping list for consumables

  • Fixed consumables getting stuck because their prep-finished event gets lost

  • Fixed seasonal prog points not running when a user changes hemispheres. This also fixes islands greeting not unlocking.

  • Fixed submods screen only appearing if a submod with a settings pane is installed

  • Fixed song restarting when the introduction finishes

  • Fixed main menu being able to break the game in certain ways

  • Fixed crash when logging an error in docking station

  • Fixed XP to next level being way too big after a time travel

  • Fixed open door greeting overriding the restart greeting

  • Fixed crashing in games causing infinite dialogue loops after restarting

  • Fixed opendoor greeting not having correct filter

  • Fixed monika_kiss not unlocking after your first kiss

  • Fixed index error crash with consumables

  • Fixed crash in spritepack gift reactions

API Changes

  • Backgrounds, weather, and filters all have huge changes. If you create custom backgrounds, you will need to update them. See #5762 for more info.
  • flags property on Event is now used to temporarily hide events from various gameplay elements. See #5762 for more info.
  • mas_input - input function that shows the Nevermind button. Use this instead of renpy.input
  • conditionals used in greetings are now evaluated in the global store
  • MASFormatter - custom formatter class that overrides renpy's formatter. This is allows for additional functionality with dialogue substitution. See #5816 for more info.
  • random farewells are now selected like greetings
  • MASProbabilityRule - new event rule which can be used to increase choice weighting in a way that does not use direct percentage chance. See #5852 for more info.
  • mas_check_scrollable_menu - new scrollable menu that supports toggle button mechanics. Great for allowing a user to multi-select a bunch of options.
  • all scrollable menus now support widths less than 560px
  • play_song - added if_changed param. See #5826 for more info.
  • generalized bookmarks/derandom frameworks. See #5619 for more info
  • mas_hotkeys.no_window_hiding - global that controls if window hiding is allowed
  • added shields for timed text
  • added dialogue descriptor properties to Consumables. See #5740 for more info.
  • is_file_present moved to mas_utils
  • added additional logging for Monika file creation and removal
  • added XP data to dump logs

Special Thanks

  • @Professor-JMO - tear sprites