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v0.11.6 - The Halloween 2020 Update

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 28 Oct 00:45
· 3091 commits to master since this release

tbh the whole year has been spooky

Gameplay Changes

  • reimplementation of first-gen o31 content - this includes the Neko outfit and CGs. The Neko outfit is also now selectable again (assuming you've seen it already).

  • coffee/hot chocolate limited to 3 reserves

  • nickname filter enhanced so names with "bad" substrings but good meanings don't get flagged as bad (i.e: "buttercup", "assistant", etc...)

  • added way to remove pen name (via the pen name topic)

  • added chance for a goodnight kiss

  • added more ILY responses

  • added more kiss quips

  • window reacts on Linux w/ notify-send will now use Monika as the application name

  • "A new story" is no longer part of sort order in the short stories list

Topic Changes


  • monika_giving_criticism
  • monika_introverts_extroverts
  • monika_kamige
  • monika_piano_lessons
  • monika_player_away
  • monika_renewable_energy
  • monika_stargazing
  • monika_taking_criticism
  • 2 new compliments
  • 1 new song


  • 1st anniversary topic reworked to be less speculative
  • greeting_amnesia expanded with more reactions to the entered name - NOTE: since this is a one-time greeting, you probably will not see this, sorry.

Spritepack Changes


  • Black and White Striped Pullover by Mocca-bun


  • typofixes

  • fixed Image loading crashes - these include any of the following:

    • Monika is standing when the game loads, followed by a crash
    • crash that says "monika/.png" is not found.
    • NOTE: if this update does not fix your issue, manually delete all sprite-chart-##.rpy/rpyc files in your game/ dir.
  • fixed phantom unseen topics that appear after the room selection pack is installed

  • fixed background image disappearing when changing backgrounds

  • overridden labels will now get marked as seen if the override is seen

  • fixed Monika dissolving twice when the dialogue box is shown/hidden

  • fixed compareVersionLists not working for some cases

API Changes

  • __repr__ support add to BG filter classes
  • exception logging added to filter progression (see #6333)
  • persistent is saved immediately after event pops - persistent.current_monikatopic should be for sure saved even if crash occurs
  • added a context manager wrapper around Event objects. (see #6412)
  • clickzone classes have been fleshed out to be easier to use. boop-related material is close (see #6459)
  • wtf - new writelog alias


  • coauthors - new prop on Submod objects for submods with multiple authors
  • submod_log.txt - new log for submods
  • see #6331 for more info

Special Thanks