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v0.11.7 - The Christmas 2020 Update

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 10 Dec 03:53
· 2852 commits to master since this release

Merry ChristMAS

Gameplay Changes

  • Christmas

  • new consumables - candycane and christmascookies

  • moved the "Nevermind" button on input screens to below the text entry area

  • xdotool is no longer a requirement for window reacts for Linux users

  • braided hair is now only for the Neko outfit (temporary fix)

Topic Changes


  • 2 new songs
  • 1 new compliment
  • monika_boyfriend_gossip
  • monika_brainstorming
  • monika_gmos


  • bye_prompt_game - now accounts for current session time before giving spending more time response


  • monika_totono

Spritepack Changes

  • added earrings selector (wiki will be updated, check back next week)

  • built-in decorations can now be used on custom BGs - requires BG makers to call some code - (a wiki page will be created to help with this, check back next week)



  • typofixes

  • fixed Piano Lessons topic crash

  • fixed Monika asking if you miss her ribbon when she is wearing one

  • fixed unicode errors in window reactions

  • ATLs no longer restart when the expression

  • fixed memory crashes when viewing selector screens

API Changes

  • promise ring is now a MASSplitAccessory

  • Xlib python package now included in python-packages

  • added decoration framework for image tag-based images - see #6693

  • CI script updated to remove sprite errors