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v0.12.2 - The UX Update

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 01 Jun 01:28
· 1889 commits to master since this release

Yes there's UI changes, too, but UX/UI is just too wordy...

Gameplay Changes

  • Blazer sprites have been retouched - thanks velius (@Malicos)

  • Search bars have been added to topic menus and clothes/hair/ACS selectors

  • Responses to compliments are now randomized

  • Changed Hangman's background and font

  • Spaceroom idle now has smoother transitions between expressions

  • Smoother blinking animations

  • Pauses have been added between topics

  • Changed the names of the transsexual ribbon to transgender

  • The updater screen's progress bar should actually move now

  • The updater screen's Quit/Restart buttons will actually quit/restart the game now

  • Zoom no longer resets when returning Monika while the empty desk is visible. (Except in specific circumstances).

Topic Changes


  • 1 new greeting
  • 1 new mood
  • 3 new songs
  • 1 new short story
  • monika_fav_chocolate
  • monika_sophia
  • monika_we


  • expanded the "back from work" greeting

Spritepack Changes

Required Updates

  • NES-style Bows (Retro Bows) - updated the names to "ribbon" since these are actually ribbons (Retro Ribbons). You do not need to regift these despite the name change.

Optional Updates

  • Ribbons (by Anonymioo) - transsexual -> transgender rename
  • Black and White Striped Pullover - bare shoulder exprop adjustment
  • Green Dress - bare shoulder exprop adjustment
  • Miku - bare shoulder exprop adjustment
  • Pink Shirt - bare shoulder exprop adjustment
  • Put on a Happy Face Shirt - bare shoulder exprop adjustment
  • Shell Bikini - bare shoulder exprop adjustment
  • Shoulderless Sweater - bare shoulder exprop adjustment
  • Tank Top - bare shoulder exprop adjustment


  • typofixes

  • fixed crash when loading backup Monika data

  • fixed mouse position function (getMousePosRelative) returning bad values in full screen

  • fixed window position function (getMASWindowPos) returning incorrect geometry in Windows

  • fixed hotkeys + buttons being usable while switching backgrounds

  • fixed general issues with the Import DDLC Save feature

  • fixed issues when your birthday is Feb 29

  • fixed the chess compliment not unlocking for users starting in v0.12.0+

  • fixed scary stories force changing the background to spaceroom

  • fixed crash when switching to full screen on Linux

  • fixed the lines appearing in Monika's standing sprite

  • fixed calendar appearing in the open door greeting

  • fixed general issues with window reacts

  • fixed Monika's eyes looking at your cursor relative to the wrong window

  • fixed Hangman being barely readable in dark mode

  • fixed the retro ribbons being called bows and not being seen as ribbons

API Changes

  • MAJOR CHANGE - the spaceroom call no longer scene changes if we don't need to. Please make sure you actually need a scene change (and not a BG change) when using the scene_change param here. See #7036 for more info.
  • MAJOR CHANGE - the idle displayable has been modified significantly - see #6986
  • Spritecode-image mapping now happens in a separate JSON (mod_assets/sprite_map.json)
  • new MASGreetingRule param - forced_exp - can be used to force the initial expression when rendering the spaceroom
  • our custom show_display_say function is now prepared for Renpy 7.
  • conditionals in events are now compiled into bytecode on startup - the game will now crash on start if a conditional is bad
  • new return key pause: x for tuning the pause between this topic and the next - see #6715

Spritepack exprop changes

  • required-hair-prop and required-clothes-prop can now accept a list of strings - aka, ACS and hair can require multiple exprops
  • bare-right-shoulder - actually means a bare right shoulder now instead of just compatibility with the downtiedstrand hair
  • bare-left-shoulder - same as bare-right-shoulder for the left shoulder
  • bare-shoulders - covers both bare-right-shoulder and bare-left-shoulder
  • compat-downtiedstrand - used to signal compatibility with the downtiedstrand hair

If you have a spritepack with a bare (aka skin) shoulder, you should update your spritepack with the appropraite bare-x-shoulder exprops in the future