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v0.12.3 - The Typical Update

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 18 Sep 23:14
· 1577 commits to master since this release

humourous tagline

Gameplay Changes

  • Removed Sensitive Mode (see #6923 for replacement flags/functions)

  • The Ribbon ACS selector now has filters

  • Custom piano songs are now selectable without having to complete them first

  • Hangman no longer treats dashes as letters

  • Settings menu now uses proper checkboxes

Topic Changes


  • 4 new songs
  • 1 new compliment
  • 1 new fun fact
  • 1 new mood
  • 1 new window react
  • 1 new writing tip
  • monika_being_deleted
  • monika_ddlcroleplay
  • monika_fireworks
  • monika_grieving
  • monika_impermanence
  • monika_likecosplay
  • monika_murphys_law
  • monika_quiet_time


  • monika_orchestra - added piano experience question
  • monika_whydoyouloveme - added some response variation


  • typofixes

  • Fixed closed eyes not using the correct tear sprites

  • Fixed flow break when spamming hotkeys while opening game menu

  • Piano should be less laggy now

  • Fixed BAT and MAT ACS layers not being saved to persistent

API Changes


  • Head is now a separate sprite, split from the body.
  • Hair can now support an optional mid layer (goes between body and head)
  • BAT ACS moved to right before table
  • 2 new ACS layers regarding the head
  • see #7148


  • spaceroom - passing False for the progress_filter param will no longer change the bg
  • monika_kissing_motion - will no longer run if not at the correct affection level
  • monika_selector_sidebar - new filter_map param which can setup arbitrary filters - keys are the filter name, values should be lists of items associated with that filter - see #6930


  • mas_pg_textbutton_grid - _layer param no longer used


  • MASFilterableSprite - impelemented per_interact
  • MASPersistentAnalyzer - new class used for analyzing persistent data - see #7504
  • PauseDisplayable - fixes and updates that increase stability - see #7378


  • mas_utils.deprecated - decorator that can be used to mark functions or classes for deprecation. Deprecations appear in the mas_log.txt
  • a bunch of functions in mas_utils are now available in python early - see #7192
  • decorations can now be replaced with a different image tag on a per-bg basis - see #7145