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v0.12.4 - The Islands Update

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 29 Oct 03:58
· 1328 commits to master since this release

now with 500% more floating

Gameplay Changes

  • Islands revamped

  • o31

  • Hair color retouched to be less red

  • Outfit mode no longer immediately applies when opening the clothes selector with outfit mode enabled

Topic Changes


  • lilmonix3 twitter window react

Spritepack Changes


  • Shuchiin Academy Uniform by Briar Young (@kkrosie123)
  • Blue Sweater Vest by Finale
  • Beige Turtleneck Sweater by Finale


  • all hair spritepacks have changed because of the hair color change


  • typofixes

  • fixed Monika's eyes not following the cursor correctly in some circumstances

  • general logging issues fixed

  • fixed issue where returning home after o31 triggers the wrong greeting

  • fixed hitbox size for buttons in the main menu

  • fixed hotkeys breaking flow in islands

API Changes

  • EXP Previewer now supports copying/pasting sprite codes and uses the sprite codes JSON
  • season progpoints are now function pluggable - see #8049
  • Fixed deco APIs being partially broken - deco APIs no longer require scene change or dissolve all
  • config vars have been moved to 0config.rpy
  • utils have been moved to 0utils.rpy
  • Support for parallax sprites added - see sprites section below
  • Islands-related functions have changed significantly - see #7745


  • mas_doesBackgroundHaveHolidayDeco - checks if a bg has support for a deco
  • mas_hasO31DeskAcs - checks if and o31 desk ACS are present
  • mas_o31HideDeskAcs - hides all o31 desk ACS

Window Reacts

  • mas_getWindowTitle - gets current title for MAS window


  • mas_logging.init_log - creates and initializes a python logging.Logger object for logging. See the python docs for how to use this object for logging.
  • MASLogFormatter - basic log formatter for MAS logs
  • MASNewlineLogFormatter - log formatter that supports prefixing lines with a new line (basically creating line breaks)
  • MASNewlineLogAdapter - log adapter that supports enables MASNewlineLogFormatter to work
  • MASExtraPropLogAdapter - log adapter that supports using extra props when calling logging APIs


  • Added Dynamic ACS (#8076) - ACS that uses disps instead of images, which means the ACS can vary more than usual
  • MASDynamicAccessory - accessory class for dynamic accessories
  • MASDynamicSpriteBase - speciality class that should be used as a parent when creating a dynamic sprite class
  • MASFilterable - added a few helper classes and a defined per_interact
  • MASImageData - port of ImageData from future renpy versions. Allows loading images from binary data.
  • ParallaxDecal - represents a single decal on a parallax sprite
  • ParallaxSprite - a parallax sprite
  • ParallaxBackground - composites multiple ParallaxSprite objects together