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v0.12.7 - The Holiday Fix Update 3

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 10 Jan 02:13
· 1083 commits to master since this release

only 350 days to Christmas!

Gameplay Changes

  • small improvements in the first time crashed greeting:

    • Monika now knows if you forced quit early
    • light switch sfx added
    • transition from black screen to spaceroom is smoother
  • switching from unstable to stable is now limited to when the stable and unstable versions are on the same version number. It is still NOT recommended to switch between the two frequently.

Topic Changes


  • monika_tragic_hero
  • monika_utterson
  • monika_hedonism
  • 1 new compliment


  • added baking question to the cupcake baking topic

Spritepack Changes


  • Black Sleeveless Turtleneck - fixed missing thumbnail


  • typofixes

  • fixed hanging on quit when closing the game somewhat right after launching (or when the updater thread is running)

  • fixes christmas gift reactions from happening twice and causing a crash

  • fixed curr_year+1 key error crash

  • fixed div by 0 crash for users updating from very old versions

API Changes


  • mas_setQuitMsg - sets the quit dialogue box text and button reactions
  • mas_resetQuitMsg - resets the quit dialogue box text and button reactions to the ones appropriate for the current affection


  • compareVersionLists has been moved to early

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.12.6...v0.12.7