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v0.5.1 Release

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@therationalpi therationalpi released this 13 Nov 14:51
· 13398 commits to master since this release

This minor update brings some bug fixes and dialogue changes.


  • Monika's dialogue should be more consistent. Fewer memes, less geeky references, and a more consistent voice. We hope to improve the writing even more going forward! Thank you to all of the writers that answered our call!

  • Monika's opening dialogue has been updated. Import save data from DDLC to unlock some unique dialogue based on your last playthrough!

  • A few new topics have been added to the random rotation.

  • The daytime CG has been recolored.

  • A few transitions have been added between scene changes.

  • Fixed an issue where topics seen in an imported DDLC playthrough could be repeated in After Story.

  • Monika should now correctly call you out for trying to skip her dialogue.

  • Monika should now correctly ignore the text-speed setting and speak at her own pace, like in DDLC. We are considering adjusting this behavior for future releases.

  • Pressing the "t" button while Monika is speaking will no longer open the input box. This will also fix an issue where interrupting Monika could sometimes create a recursion problem and crash the game. Thank you to all of the filthy savages repeatedly interrupting Monika for alerting us to this issue.