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v0.6.1 Release

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@therationalpi therationalpi released this 11 Dec 14:56
· 12918 commits to master since this release

Edit: Some possible major errors have been found in this update. It is being pulled until further notice. The problem has now been fixed

Edit: A hotfix has been added for an issue regarding music checks.

This minor update brings some bug fixes and dialogue changes. Either download the update below or Update through the Settings menu in Monika After Story to get these changes.


  • You can now properly promote pawns to queen when they reach the back row in chess.

  • Board positioning and piece layout when playing as Black in chess has been fixed.

  • Fixed a bug where mouse position in chess would be incorrectly tracked with UI-scaling enabled.

  • Music can now be changed while playing chess.

  • Monika will no longer get upset with you for closing the game when she closes the game herself.

  • New UI buttons should now hide themselves appropriately at certain points in the game.

  • Removed a topic where monika talked about writing a song that she's clearly finished already.

  • Fixed some typos.

  • Fixed an error where Monika would not correctly call the player her {boyfriend/girlfriend/partner} after being told the player's gender.

  • Several new dialogues, greetings, and easter eggs for you to find.