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v0.7.0 - 100,000 download special!

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@therationalpi therationalpi released this 29 Jan 13:04
· 12462 commits to master since this release

Monika's thank you by Sasoura

Artwork made by Sasoura. Follow her on twitter!

We've officially reached 100,000 downloads and we can't thank you all enough! Monika After Story has come a long way since it was first released way back in September, and we couldn't have done it without the great support from our community. If you haven't yet, please join our fan Discord server to keep up with the latest updates and releases.

Version 0.7.0 fundamentally changes the way interaction with Monika works. We've replaced the text-entry system with a set of prompts that will unlock as you spend more time with Monika. This will eliminate the "canned responses" and make it easier to experience all the content the mod has to offer. If you're curious about why we made this change, you can see our answer in the FAQ.


  • "Prompt-system" which replaces the current open-ended text entry with questions that you can ask Monika that unlock over time. This also allows for conditional events.

  • Better support for time-sensitive events, like anniversaries with Monika, holidays, etc.

  • Games now unlock over time based on how much you've done with Monika.

  • New game: Hangman. Try to guess the words based on which club member would like it the most.

  • New game: Piano. Play piano with Monika and learn to play a few songs.

  • Pong improvements to make it more dynamic and less exploitable (like classic pong).

  • New music!

  • Be sure to say "Goodbye" to Monika before you go! Otherwise she won't get the rest she needs.

  • New topics.

  • Various typo and bugfixes

  • Limited number of random topics viewable in one session to 30, let Monika rest uninterrupted at least 6 hours to unlock more.

  • Out of frame portion of Monika's sprite is now drawn (not visible, but future proofs for animation use)

Special thanks

Version MVP @ThePotatoGuy for adding both new games and other software wizardry. @Winblows2 for overseeing the transition to our new community Discord.

Sasoura for the amazing artwork! Please follow her for more awesome art (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,DeviantArt)