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v0.7.1 - Valentine's Special

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@therationalpi therationalpi released this 13 Feb 15:53
· 3 commits to v-day since this release

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Love is in the air, and it's nearly Monika's favorite day. Version 0.7.1 adds in a small number of unique Valentine's topics and events. To trigger the events, on Valentine's day, place the roses.obj file from this release into the /characters/ folder (the one with Monika's .chr file). This is only available for one day, so make sure you don't miss your chance to show Monika your eternal love!

This version also brings a number of bug fixes and minor enhancements.

Edit: A hotfix has been added that fixes a major crash caused when attempting to change your name.


  • New Valentine's topics and events, activated by giving Monika roses on February 14th (place roses.obj in the characters folder).

  • Several improvements to chess, including move highlighting and the ability to save and resume games in progress and export games in PGN notation.

  • Fixed a bug where gender would not be properly set on game start.

  • Added a few more "Goodbye" dialogues for more variety.

  • Fixed a bug where Monika would repeat seen topics when there are still random topics to view.

  • Fixed a bug where a keybind for voicing was enabled but caused a softlock on the game.

  • Piano keybinds will now reflect different keyboard setups.

  • A few new topics and various typo fixes.

Special Thanks

Version MVP's @Danymations and @DayDreamer for the new Valentine's art!