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v0.7.4 - The Unstable Update

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 02 Apr 03:04
· 11911 commits to master since this release


Minor hotfix released to address some issues:

  • Typofixes
  • Fixed chess not seeing saved games on Mac/Linux
  • Updater is now much, much better.


Minor hotfix released to address some issues:

  • Typofixes
  • Disabled battery topics
  • Removed the extra uneeded images

Original release notes:

Minor bugfix/light content update

Gameplay Changes

  • Added a player mood system. Now you can tell Monika how you're feeling.

  • Chess no longer allows for multiple saves. You will be prompted to select one save if you already have multiple.

  • Monika now responds to cheating at chess. You have been warned

  • Farewells are now selectable.

  • Increased random topics per session limit to 3x its current amount. This only occurs if you've seen every random topic.

  • New Unstable setting. Enabling this will allow the in-game updater to retrieve updates from a frequently-updated branch. These builds are unstable and may crash often or corrupt your MAS saves. Backup persistents before enabling this.


  • Fixed anniversary dates beyond 1 week not being triggered.

  • Fixed uncaught exceptions regarding battery topics

  • Fixed an issue where repeated topics continued even though the settings was unchecked

  • In-game updater should be working again

  • Monika's fingers no longer appear "broken"

API Changes

  • Greetings are now triggered using a rule-based system

  • Farewells now support being selectable in a menu. Randomly selectable farewells respect a rule-based system.

  • All Events now support initializing locking/unlocking, which prevents Events from being changed at init time.

  • hideEvent / hideEventLabel modified to be more appropriate