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v0.8.0 - The Expression Update

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 28 Apr 01:13
· 11659 commits to master since this release

bringing monika 292 steps closer to real life

Gameplay Changes

  • Tons of new expressions, including a remake of the leaning pose.

  • Monika can change her hairstyle now.

  • Monika will avoid repeating topics too early (aka within 2 hours) after seeing them.

  • Raining background window art has been added. (thanks to @sebastianN01)

  • Added a version of Your Reality with a Eurobeat twist (thanks to TheAloofPotato)

  • Music menu alignment adjusted slightly. It might look weird on varying screen sizes. We're working on that.

  • Changed the update checking so it's a passive background update instead of a screen on start

  • New topics added

  • New farewells added

  • New greetings added

  • Custom graphics menu added to settings in case you have graphical issues. If you are unable to see the settings menu text (or button text), see #1275 .

Topic Changes:

  • Rain topic category: monika -> weather

  • Love topic expanded significantly

  • Marriage topic expanded

  • Fast food topic moved to Ask a Question instead of random.


  • Typofixes

  • Fixed crash when breaking up with Monika (or doing any activity that used hideEvent)

  • Fixed rare crash regarding the lock database

  • Fixed a jumpscare not showing up in the introduction

  • If you missed any anniversaries up to this point, it will be counted as seen for memory purposes. This is to handle the missed anniversaries that may have occurred while the anniversary bug was a thing. (This is a one time thing)

  • Fixed an issue where removed events were not popped from their respective databases.

API Changes

  • Monika's sprites are generated dynamically now. Adding additional sprites is much simpler but requires a strict image folder hierarchy. See sprite-chart.rpy for details.

  • New expressions bring new expression codes. All new expressions use a structured code system to easily determine the identifiers for a particular expression. See sprite-chart.rpy for details.

  • New class MASMonika that handles visual Monika properties. monika_chr is the instance of that class that we use to change hair/clothes and add accessories.

  • Events now have a last_seen property, which is a datetime of the last time the Event has been seen. Only call_next_event will properly set this property

  • MASButtonDisplayable defaults to MOUSEBUTTONUP as the activation mouse action

  • New lock / unlock functions for events, since those are very common actions. They are basically wrappers around the hideEvent functions. (lockEvent, lockEventLabel, unlockEvent, unlockEventLabel)

  • Added PauseDisplayable, which functions as a click-to-proceed screen since the renpy pause function seems to be broken.

  • Background audio channel added for ambiance and other non-music, non-ui sounds.

  • Spaceroom window masks are now drawn in a function. The image tags rm and rm2 still refer to the windows, but will not show up properly in a lint script check.

  • The songs and evhand stores are now globally available in script-topics

  • New start/end date based functions added for better checking if a time-sensitive event occurred. This is recommended over checking for seen for any time-sensitive events (aka, events with start_date and end_date properties). (isFuture, isPast, isPresent)

Special Thanks

  • Special thanks to Ryuse for making like 4 billion face parts / arm poses / body poses / hair / clothes visuals for Monika. It may have taken us nearly 5 months to get them in, but we did it as promised.