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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this May 20, 2018 · 9953 commits to master since this release

nothing better than listening to Monika for hours on end

Gameplay Changes

  • A small collection of short stories have been added to "Ask a Question". They unlock progressively once per session.

  • Random topics will now repeat by default, and as a result, repeating topics is no longer a setting. The choice / order of topic repeats is now governed by a new algorithm that should prevent topics from repeating too early and / or too often.

  • Anniversary topics will now appear in Repeat Conversation after they have been seen. Anniversaries that already passed are retroactively unlocked.

  • Some of the Goodbyes will trigger appropriate Greetings at next launch

  • Writing tips now unlock each other

  • Added 2 new songs to the music menu

  • Added support for custom music in the music menu. Refer to #1592 for instructions.

  • Music menu is now paginated

  • Sunrise and Sunset times are customizable in the settings page.

  • The Music2 topic has been disabled until it receives necessary updates

  • Monika won't talk about her ribbon when she isn't wearing one.


  • Typofixes

  • Eyebrows are now rendered after eyes

  • Blush looks better now probably

  • Time Concern fixes

  • Setting a piano keymap to { will no longer cause a crash

  • Monika no longer knows that you quit the game during the Open Door / Knock / Listen greeting.

  • Slightly optimized the spaceroom call

  • Fixed issue where chess doesn't unlock after an hour after Monika locks it.

API Changes

  • All leaning sprites have been resized to 1280 x 850 to better standardize them to non-leaning sprites.

  • Accessories have been added to the dynamic sprite creation. They can be layered in 3 spots (pre-body, between body + face, post-face). Refer to MASMonika class in sprite-chart for more information.

  • Greetings can be associated with a type. If a Goodbye sets persistent._mas_greeting_type, only greetings with the same type will be shown on next launch.

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