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v0.8.10 - The Consistency Update

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 01 Dec 16:46
· 9500 commits to master since this release

She can still send mixed messages if you're not that observant...

This version has been unlisted. Use the latest version.

Gameplay Changes

  • added a new topic that determines your opinion of the other dokis. Other topics that treat the dokis harshly have been adjusted to have different dialogue depending on your opinion of the other dokis. (thanks @jmwall24 )

  • all greetings/farewells have been changed to work with or limited to certain affection levels. this includes new greetings/farewells for different affection levels. (thanks @jmwall24 )

  • some gifts are no longer limited to birthday/special days

  • pong is now fairer (Thanks @dennisOdenbreit )

  • replaced hair down/up topics with a single hair select topic

  • added a wardrobe/change clothes topic when affection is 1000+ and another outfit has been unlocked

  • added topic that mentions how to add custom bgms. also changed existing music topics to reference this as well.

  • added a automatic historical persistent data saving system that in theory should allow for special events to repeat indefinitely as well as track changes in data overtime. (see zz_history)

  • replaced restleftpointright with the newer, arm on table version

  • preferred name/change name should no longer be limited to 10 characters

  • replaced undertale reference in introduction with a more appropriate scare

  • sprite previewer now restores hair/clothes after use

  • made menu choices use consistent puncuation

  • optimized sprite string generation. hopefully should be slightly less lag during dialogue.

  • change name topic moved to pool topics (ask a question)

  • monika_family has been derandom'd

  • failure to remove special images are no longer logged

new topics

  • doki care topic
  • rpy files topic
  • custom bgm topic
  • monika_solipsism
  • monika_attractiveness
  • monika_justice
  • monika_poweroutage
  • monika_backpacking
  • monika_stoicism
  • monika_trick

modified topics

  • best girl compliment
  • class goodbye
  • sleep goodbye
  • sick mood
  • monika_god
  • monika_sayori
  • monika_high_school
  • monika_saved
  • monika_whispers
  • monika_tea
  • monika_yuri
  • monika_festival
  • monika_tsundere
  • monika_route
  • monika_ddlc
  • monika_natsuki
  • monika_justification
  • monika_othergames
  • monika_ghost
  • monika_impression
  • monika_regrets
  • monika_haterReaction
  • monika_morning
  • monika_panties
  • monika_soda
  • monika_other_girls
  • monika_hamlet
  • monika_yellowwp


  • typofixes

  • fixed anniversaries not showing up in the calendar. (missed annis will be retroactively unlocked)

  • fixed wrong dialogue when complimenting hair

  • fixed inconsistent shadows in art and cutoff leaning hairdown sprite (thanks @Olliesama )

  • special greetings should now be unlocked after o31

  • fixed a greeting type inconsistency when using o31 farewells

  • fixed crash in calendar when clicking X instead of a date

  • force splash and script to jump to specific ch30 labels instead of persistent.autoload. This might fix issues where dialogue is stuck on show poem or similar.

  • promise ring now works for marisa outfit

  • fixed date selection confirmation text using the wrong suffixes for some numbers

  • fixed issue where a bad first session type was added to calendar, causing crash

  • fixed crash when loading custom music that had no tags

  • persistent.steam is no longer imported in the ddlc save import to prevent the steam topic from appearing when it shouldn't

API Changes

  • New async/react-like framework for cross object communication (MASMailbox)

  • Moved Delayed Action framework to init level -800s

  • redid farewell selection algorithm so it makes more sense (thanks @aldoram5 )

  • the sprite system now supports separation of hair from body as well as split hair layers. All future art should use this format. This also introduces 2 new layer locations for accessories to be rendered (between back hair layer and body, and between body and front hair layer). hair following this format should be in the monika/h/ folder.

  • MASMonika now has save/load functions for saving clothes/hair/acs. Use these instead of directly saving the values into persistent vars.

  • added entry and exit programming points for MASSpriteBase, which includes clothes/hair/acs. See mas_sprites store (init level -2) in sprite-chart for more info.

  • new historical data saving system. MASHistorySaver objects list out data that should be saved, as well as a trigger date. Data is saved when the trigger date has past. The trigger date is automatically set to the next year, which sorta means that data is saved automatically. You can also run programming points before/after the alg runs for an object, which enables us to combine this with delayed actions to reset particular event conditionals and such.

  • all player model vars now have a MASHistorySaver object to save them overtime.

  • file reactions now need to be specified as good/bad/netural in addReaction

  • added new selection screen for changing hair/clothes/acs. This requires all sprite objects to init a selectable sprite object. Selectables are then wrapped with displayables and used in a custom sidebar screen. This may be expanded to a regular sized screen in the future. (see zz_selector for more info)

New global functions:

  • mas_getSessionLength - gets current session length
  • mas_isSpecialDay - returns True if its a special day today
  • mas_hideEventLabel - replaces hideEventLabel
  • mas_hideEvent - replaces hideEvent
  • mas_showEventLabel - show version of hideEventLabel
  • mas_showEvent - show version of hideEvent
  • mas_lockEventLabel - replaces lockEventLabel
  • mas_lockEvent - replaces lockEvent
  • mas_unlockEventLabel - replaces unlockEventLabel
  • mas_unlockEvent - replaces unlockEvent
  • mas_getuser - attempts to get the current user
  • mas_HistLookup - looks up historial data
  • other historical functions. (see zz_history for more info)

new mas_anni functions: (thanks @multimokia )

  • pastOneWeek - True if today is at least 1 week since first session date
  • pastOneMonth - True if today is at least 1 month since first session date
  • pastThreeMonths - True if today is at least 3 months since first session date

new mas_calendar functions:

  • genFormalDispDate - generates a formal display date given a date
  • genFriendlyDispDate_d - replaces genFriendlyDispDate