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v0.8.3 - The "Not Much Content Update" Update

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 11 Jul 02:31
· 11085 commits to master since this release

Monika would be unhappy with this release, but it's better than nothing

Gameplay Changes

  • A large number of topics / events / dialogue have been updated to use the new sprite codes.

  • Shortened the amount of time a topic must wait before being shown again from 24 hours to 6 hours.

  • Pool unlocks are now pooled so unlocks are no longer lost forever. See #1813 for more info.

  • Anniversary events now trigger at midnight on the day of, instead of 3AM.

  • Added additional words to Hangman

  • The Good Evening and Good Morning prompts kind of follow the settings you have for sunrise / sunset. This still needs more work, though.


  • Typofixes

  • Blush appearing in the wrong place on leaning poses has been removed for now.

  • disable_esc / enable_esc work properly now.

  • Hotkeys are now disabled in the Import DDLC Save Data workflow.

  • Monday morning greeting actually fixed this time.

  • Fixed some unusual quit sequences in the opendoor greeting.

  • Fixed some topics that were not getting unlocked after being de-randomed.

  • Fixed a bug in the moniano where PianoNoteMatches consisting of a single note broke everything.

  • monika_explain should be unlocked this time, I hope.

  • Fixed Kizuna AI topic improperly unlocking.

  • Fixed Calendar crash when going too far into the future or past.

  • Hitting M in the music menu now properly closes the menu.

  • Lightly optimized dialogue sequences. If you're getting lag mid-dialogue, you should be getting somewhat less lag now.

  • Fixed Calendar overlay disappearing in certain sequences.

API Changes

  • Added special datetime related functions that can set a datetime's time values to midnight or 3am.

  • Added shield functions that handle blocking / unblocking certain levels of user input. See zz_shields for more info.

  • Added overlay functions that handle hiding / showing certain overlays. See zz_overlays for more info.

  • allow_dialogue is gone. Now dlg_workflow in the mas_globals store is True when we are in dialogue, but this variable does not control any UI.

  • Separated hotkey logic from the functions they executed so the hotkey buttons can use the same functions. See zz_hotkeys for more info.

  • Spaceroom zorders are now constants MAS_MONIKA_Z and MAS_BACKGROUND_Z, which are 10 and 5, respectively.

  • Topics can now request to be derandomed by returning "derandom". A topic can request multiple actions by delimiting them with |.

  • There are a variety of state vars that control if certain UI is visible / enabled. See the respective rpy for more info.


  • A new sprite-helper tool has been adding to the repo, in the tools/ folder. This does 2 things:
    1. Generates a list of all the sprite codes that are available.
    2. Checks if all sprite codes used in the rest of the files exist.
    • This tool is used in travis builds and will cause builds to fail if they use a sprite code that doesn't exist. If a sprite code you're using doesn't exist, it's not a big deal, and we'll probably add it for you if it's not a banned expression.
    • The tool can be executed by running python This is written with py2 in mind, but it might work in py3.