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v0.8.4 - The Affection Update

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 03 Aug 04:38
· 10770 commits to master since this release

now Moni will actually love you...
or not


A hotfix has been released to fix a bug with the I'm going away for a while farewell. People who were affected by this bug and have negative affection will restart at 0.

Gameplay Changes

  • Added an affection system. Doing nice things will make Moni like you more. Doing bad things will make her like you less. Includes incentives and consequences for doing either option. Affection levels affect a variety of UI and dialogue. Some actions that could affect affection:

    • playing games
    • not visiting Moni for a week
    • giving compliments (see below)
    • picking mean responses
    • picking nice responses
    • and more...
  • Users updating to this version will start with higher affection levels that are scaled based on time they've been with Moni.

  • Added apology system to help gain back affection lost when you do something bad to Moni.

  • Added compliment system to tell Moni nice things and gain affection

  • Added a farewell that lets you notify Moni that you'll be away for some time. (This negates affection loss over not seeing her).

  • Custom songs can be added to the piano. See the wiki for information on how to do this.

  • Moved the "I love you" button to the main Talk menu.


  • Typofixes

  • Fixed backing out of chess dialogue not triggering appropriate consequences.

  • Maybe fixed a list remove crash on startup

  • Added some text to the in-game updater to clarify progress bar issues

  • Fixed intro music breaking context

  • Fixed calendar crashes because of missing labels

  • Fixed calendar crashes because of going past year boundaries via months

  • Fixed calendar being clickable while Moni explains it

  • Disabled any sort of interaction while hiding UI (right-click). This should fix all the context breaks people are having.

  • Potentially fixed wrong music restarting after piano.

  • Eye art should look better now

  • monika_rain should stop disappearing when its not raining

API Changes

  • Affection-related functions/programming points added in script-affection

  • Added moni_wants as a param to the Event filter functions.

  • Affection rule checkers added to Event

  • Internalized the hide/lock/unlock Event labels in evhand so other stores can use them

  • MASAffectionRule added to filter greetings

  • Current version is now dumped to a plaintext file called masrun in game/. This is mainly to help devs creating mod managers / installers / updaters.

  • game_menu is no longer setup as a usable keymap. mas_game_menu must be used to prevent context breaks.

  • Piano songs are now notated in JSON and are loaded on start. This allows for custom songs (see above wiki link).


  • A new dev-only tool has been added to assist people writing dialogue: The Sprite Previewer. In Dev builds, this is available in Ask a Question > Dev > Exp Preview. See #1912 for more info.

Special thanks

Special thanks to @aldoram5 (again) for bringing the Affection project to completion. Finally.