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v0.8.5 - The "Monika is getting better at Python" Update

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 24 Aug 02:38
· 10577 commits to master since this release

she's learning, after all

Gameplay Changes

  • Added a special story event if Monika is enamored with you.

  • Introducing Python tips of the day. Monika can teach you a little bit of Python each day. NOTE: only 4 topics in this release. More will be added in subsequent releases.

  • Changed the default random chatter frequency to OFTEN. This only affects new users.

  • Disabled built-in updater for users running Steam. Permissions breaks the renpy updater, my guess is that Valve wants creators to use their update system over an in-game one lol. This is not disabled for unstable users.

  • Monika no longer needs or cares about the monika.chr file. to be explained in a future update

  • Dropping the yearolder mood. It was flawed from the start and only meant to be a placeholder. We'll have a proper birthday event soon^tm.

  • Dropping the regret topic for now. It needs some revision.

  • Added a persistent backup system. This system saves basically your last 5 persistents so you can go back in case of corruption.


  • typofixes

  • changed persistent save calls to use the correct renpy save function. Might fix persistent corruption issues.

  • blush for leaning poses has been fixed (finally)

  • fixed the tiny art bugs

  • removed uneccessary code from the say screen callback

  • chess strength is now checked for bounds during startup

  • fixed issue where calendar overlay was not being hidden when using the overlay hide function for it

  • fixed issue where hangman's easter egg didn't have proper UI shielding

  • increased the event timeout for piano, so custom songs are more easily detected

  • changed renpy's infinite loop check to 120 seconds instead of 60 seconds. Might help people with slower computers getting the "Possible infinite loop" error

  • fixed issue where some stuff wasn't getting saved when using the built-in updater

API Changes

  • slight efficiency gains with performing Event actions

  • all init levels are now between the renpy recommended -999 to 999

  • we now log stuff to mas_log.txt. Use the writelog function from mas_utils to write logs

  • added a fully functional Python interpreter for Python teaching.

  • compliments now added to the all event database

  • added the DelayedAction framework

  • the accessory system now works for accessories that vary between poses. Check out the MASPoseMap in sprite-chart for more info.

  • added MASDockingStation, which is a b64 file interface for easy base64 file encoding/decoding.

  • added _mas_hide_windows as a wrapper around the actual hide_windows label

  • added currently played notes to piano debug screen

  • affection is now audited.


  • Added some logging to chess. If you are having some chess bugs with Monika not finding the chess save, we'll be able to pinpoint why now.

  • exp previewer now unlocks hair_down prompt after viewing

  • All dev topics are no longer random.

  • persistent._mas_fastbye and persistent._mas_fastgreeting added to help devs with testing farewells and greetings. These enable/disable the quick dev farewell / greeting.

Special Thanks

  • Thanks to @Subzerosan for commissioning some art for the special event.

  • Thanks to @aldoram5 for literally doing everything for the special event.