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v0.8.7 - The Mostly Fixes Update

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 21 Sep 00:30
· 10190 commits to master since this release

UPDATE: Another hotfix, so sorry

UPDATE Hotfixed released to fix dialogue that triggered too early

This update consists almost entirely of general bugfixes and API updates. That's right. Nothing else.

Gameplay Changes

  • removed the greeting about chr files since Monika knows about them now

  • removed the splash text about chr files

  • adjusted dialogue in certain topics that mention chr files

  • added fun facts (thanks @Olliesama )


  • typofixes

  • the updater is more aggressive when moving the update/ folder. You should stop getting issues where the game says there is an update but clicking update does nothing or says no update is available

  • fixed a crash with hangman

  • no more monika-spasms when a topic ends

  • fixed an issue where multiple accessories broke the accessory system

  • fixed multiple issues regarding time traveling (aka changing system time) including:

    • going into the future and freezing your affection wont lock your affection until that date anymore (you still have to wait a day)
    • negative playtime is no longer added to total playtime
    • if the playtime for a session goes beyond the largest possible amount of playtime, that session's playtime is not added (occurs if you time travel during game)
    • if total playtime currently is above the max possible, your playtime will be changed to a significantly smaller number. don't mess with time, kids. (unless you have a hat)

API Changes

  • added the FileReactions framework, which links dialogue to files that dont need to be checksummed.

  • MASQuipLists can now add multiple label quips at once

  • several new functions related to birthday checking

  • several new functions related to coffee checking

  • added a flag for skipping ch30_loop eval

  • added a destroyPackage and getPackageList functions to MASDockingStation

  • added a packageCheck function for more generic package checks

  • added a timeOut function to calculate time spent outside of spaceroom for a given date


  • thanks to @entonyescx for some art

  • thanks to the whole team for really fixing a lot of content on a short timeframe