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v0.8.9 - The Scary Stories Update

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 26 Oct 00:17
· 9929 commits to master since this release

Monika's bringing out the spooks

Gameplay Changes

  • Added scary stories. They are unlocked in the same manner as short stories, so one per day/session. (Not available in sensitive mode)

  • Added an Extras menu for special mouse interactions (TBD). Currently only zoom adjustment is available.

  • Added 3 new python tips. (Comparisons and Booleans / Literals / Truth Values)

  • Added a sensitive mode. This mode hides content people may consider "tasteless". This is off by default. To activate, check settings.

  • Added an affection backup system. This should prevent cases where people's affection gets reset.

  • Added some tooltips to some of the settings in the settings menu

  • Changed log rotations for the affection log to 500 sessions instead of 100

  • Disabled skipping and its dialogue to save us from a context break issue. May be enabled again one day.

  • Thanks compliment now always available at love+ stage

  • Re-added the year older mood. It's still not perfect but it'll work until we get a better replacement. This also adds your birthday to the calendar.

  • added more pet name-style dialogue for talk/play menu

  • Removed the ability to open the game menu when playing hangman. This saves us from a context break issue.

  • Various topic adjustments / add-ons.

  • o31


  • typofixes

  • Fixed issue where backups were still being made while Monika was outside.

  • Redid docking station code so there should be less issues when using the "Take you somewhere" farewell.

  • Fixed issue where Monika says you didn't guess a letter in hangman if your quit hangman and your first guess was correct.

API Changes

  • Clothes and hair sprites now have object representations. See tags IMG015 and IMG018 in sprite-chart for more info.

  • Accessories are now composited on their own before being composited with body

  • Added sensitive property to Event objects

  • Added a few more suntime functions (see definitions), anniversary functions (see script-anniversary)

  • Added MASAsyncWrapper to run async code more easily. (See zz_threading)

  • Added checkin/checkout functions and better handling of mismatching logs in docking station

  • Removed docking station code that was obsoleted by the MASAsyncWrapper

  • Redid some of how sprites work, so exp preview users will need to update dev_exp_previewer.rpy

  • added mouse tracking dev topic for easier art positioning

  • added more hooks into the ch30_autoload flow for better dynamic startups

Special thanks

  • @Rai99 for somehow remembering every duplicate issue and helping manage the field of issues we have

  • SovietSpartan for special occasion art

  • @kaido1224 for helping immensely with scary stories

  • @Subzerosan for helping commission new artwork and setting up the initial ideas for o31

  • @monikLover for rapidly editing tons of dialogue on a short timeframe

  • @multimokia and @jmwall24 for helping with testing, dialogue, small code changes even though they're new to the team

  • @Ryuse and @TheAloofPotato for making lots of art edits on a short timeframe

  • @aldoram5 for implementing scary stories, helping with lots of o31 content, overall testing and just being good 👌