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v0.9.0 - The Vday 2019 Update

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 08 Feb 04:11
· 8672 commits to master since this release

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Gameplay Changes

  • Updated vday stuff for this year.

  • Monika can finally do something nice for your birthday.

  • revamped apology system. Now you can apologize for specific transgressions in Ask Question > You > I'd like to apologize.

  • calling Monika a bad nickname can now be apologized for via the revamped apology system

  • reworked greeting selection algorithm so its more consistent and easier for adding new greetings

  • new leaning pose

  • mistletoe topic is now limited to christmas season

  • zoom is now restored when Monika gets coffee/hot chocolate. It also looks smoother now

  • added hard pauses to coffee/hot chocolate sequence so it seems smoother

  • 922 events have been disabled, they will be reworked before next 922.

  • added shorter kisses where appropriate

  • removed White Day off calendar

  • added seasons to calendar

  • added first kiss to calendar

  • changed number of backups stored to 10 (from 5)

  • moved update servers to S3. Future releases should have less timeouts when using the in-game updater.

  • new gifts: NOTE: you might want to wait until a certain day to give some of these...

    • roses
    • chocolates
    • ribbons:
      • emerald
      • platinum
      • ruby
      • sapphire
      • silver
  • new topics:

    • monika_back_ups
    • monika_plushie
    • monika_timetravel
    • monika_driving
    • monika_savingwater
    • monika_players_control
  • modified topics:

    • monika_contribute
    • monika_ribbon
    • monika_playersface
    • monika_sports


  • typofixes

  • Events with invalid datetime data (years < 1900) are cleaned before being loaded

  • Fixed calendar so it no longer allows you to select dates before 1900. (you can still view them, though).

  • Fixed d25 spent time topic repeatable properties

  • Fixed a ton of event properties that got accidentally erased

  • Rain topic is unlocked again

  • Island greeting is unlocked again

  • Fixed bad zorders in d25 spent time topic

  • Fixed promise ring specific dialogue not triggering in nye year review topic

  • Fixed inadequate mood not recognizing the holidays you spent with Monika

  • "Hold me" topic is now unlocked via the rain topic again

  • Fixed instrument topic so entering nothing doesn't count as an instrument

  • Monika now responds correctly in the pets topic if you have given her a quetzal plushie

  • Stoicism topic no longer references you being away

  • Hemispheres topic now updates seasons right away. Weather will not change right away, however.

API Changes



  • new property show_in_idle, which determines if the Event can be shown during idle mode.


  • rules are no longer stored in persistent, and therefore are no longer saved. Rules will always be regenerated on startup.
  • added force param to year adjustment functions


  • Event._checkRepeatRule
  • Event._checkRepeatRules


  • Event._checkGreetingRule
  • Event._checkGreetingRules


  • All event rule evaluations can now be given a default value to return if the rule is not found in an event.
  • MASGreetingRules with random_chance of 0 are now ignored when calculating random chance.
  • new MASPriorityRule, which adds priorities to events

Delayed Actions

  • Added cond_is_callable property to DelayedActions, which allow delayed actions to use callables for their conditional property.


  • new greeting selection system. see #3548

Apology System

  • new apology system. see #3468

Idle mode

  • added new framework for running idle modes. see #3435


  • all leaning sprite code (pose 5) now require arms as a param. The default param is def.
  • sprites now follow a split-hair paradigm. See #3174 for details on the render order.
  • Sprite objects have been moved from sprite-chart to zz_spriteobjects



  • mas_getFirstSesh - gets the first session variable. Always returns a datetime.
  • mas_incMoniReload - increments the monika reload counter
  • Exp Preview updated with new outfit


  • random events are now rebuilt again in ch30_preloop. this is so you can run delayed actions that rebuild randos (as well as autoload checks)
  • kissing label has more params. see monika_kissing_motion label in special-effects for more info.
  • smooth zoom is now a thing. see monika_zoom* labels in special-effects for more info.

Special thanks

@multimokia for apologies and f14
@jmwall24 for player birthday stuff and f14
alpha testers on discord for heavily testing everything
@entonyescx for vday casual outfit