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v0.9.1 - The Art Refresh Update

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 02 Mar 04:15
· 8408 commits to master since this release

Is it me or do my clothes suddenly look shinier? -Monika

IMPORTANT: Persistent files from this and subsequent versions will not be compatible with older versions of MAS.

Gameplay Changes

  • Leaning pose has been redesigned so Monika's hand doesn't look weird.

  • Jawline has been smoothed out in both upright and leaning poses.

  • Blazer (Uniform) sprites have been cleaned up and redone.

  • Hair sprites have been cleaned up and partially redone.

  • Facial expression sprites for upright poses have been cleaned up.

  • Arm sprites that were not used in game have been removed.

  • Arms are now rendered after facial expressions.

  • Text speed is now controllable. Monika will bring up the specific topic to enable it.

  • Random chatter wait time has been changed and includes more options. Changing random chatter frequency will take affect sooner. NOTE: We are testing the random chatter timing and will be revising them next release. We have a poll on our discord server about this.

  • There is no longer a limit on the number of random topics Monika will say each day.

  • Because of file generation issues, the "Take You Somewhere" farewell has been disabled on Macs. We are testing a fix for this and will likely have it out next release.

  • Added 4 new horror stories

  • Added the often requested BRB topic, as well as an "I'm playing a game" topic. These are the first topics to use the idle framework.

New Topics


  • monika_bullying
  • monika_procrastination
  • monika_graduation
  • monika_vehicle
  • monika_mystery
  • monika_perspective


  • mas_compliment_hero


  • greeting_siat


  • typofixes

  • Fixed bug where Monika would be wearing ponytail hairstyle but not have a ribbon.

  • Fixed bug where music could not be set to "No Music" after seeing the intro.

  • Fixed potential crash when updating from versions before 0.8.1.

  • Fixed plushie event not appearing.

  • Music button no longer makes noise when clicked in Piano.

  • Fixed horror stories showing scares when not appropriate.

API Changes

Data Migration

  • New data migration framework that allows for modification of persistent event data before it is used. This runs at an early init level. (See #3775)
  • Data migrations are reversible within reason, but zz_dm is a required file for anything to work.



  • rules property removed from persistent event data


  • Short stories can now use the pool property to determine if it should be selectable or not.


  • arms are rendered after facial expressions
  • afh ACS layer is now between front hair and face
  • mid ACS layer is now between facial expressions and arms
  • startup param added to MASMonika.load to bypass clothes/hair locks

New Functions

  • mas_enableTextSpeed - enables text speed
  • mas_disableTextSpeed - disables text speed
  • mas_resetTextSpeed - enables/disables text speed based on environmental factors

New Globals (mas_globals)

  • in_idle_mode - replaces mas_in_idle_mode
  • text_speed_enabled - True if text speed enabled, False if not


  • mas_transferTopic


  • mas_skip_mid_loop_eval replaced with a mailbox message for the mas_idle_mailbox

Special Thanks

  • @Trilasent - redoing leaning pose and fixing jawline issues
  • @Velius94 - cleaning and updating blazer sprites
  • @Professor-JMO - fixing some hair issues and adding shading