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v0.9.2 - The Consistency Update 2

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 05 Apr 23:03
· 8141 commits to master since this release

We added more than we removed, I swear...

IMPORTANT: Updating to this version from 0.9.0 and prior WILL CAUSE DATA LOSS. It is recommended to skip this version and update to 0.9.3. *This version is unlisted because of data loss issues.

Gameplay Changes

  • Large rewrite/removal/adjustment of a pretty significant number of topics to be more consistent with each other. Only major changes are listed below.

  • Chess win/lose dialogue modified to be nicer and more dynamic.

  • Monika now reacts differently depending on how long you hold her in the holdme topic.

  • Changed random chatter times according to user feedback. Timings should be better now.

  • Weather now has a random chance of raining/thundering during specific seasons.

  • New upright tears courtesy of @Metisz (Leaning tears are not updated yet. The sprite previewer also does not have support for the new tears in closed-eye expressions. This will be addressed in a later update.)

  • Sundress now uses new clavicles courtesy of SovietSpartan.

  • Renamed "Ask a Question" to "Hey, Monika..." to be better reflective of the dialogue in that menu.

  • Modified all menus so buttons no longer show before the question is complete

  • Rain/ambient audio is now split from sound audio. Also has its own setting under "Ambient Volume"

  • Changing weather is now limited to Affectionate and above.

  • 'Take you somewhere' farewell works on Macs again

  • Uneeded persistent data will now be periodically cleaned, should lower persistent file sizes and reduce corruption issues.

New topics

  • monika_outdoors
  • monika_mountain
  • monika_pygmalion
  • monika_gotomonika
  • monika_robotbody
  • monika_relationship_comfort

Modified topics

  • mas_d25_monika_sleigh - is now a general topic instead of a seasonal one
  • monika_outfit
  • monika_credits_song
  • monika_freewill
  • monika_ghost
  • monika_otaku
  • monika_solipsism
  • monika_vehicle - includes more vehicle options

Removed topics

NOTE: All removed topics may be readded at later date with rewrites.

  • monika_imouto
  • monika_oneesan
  • monika_prisoner
  • monika_szs - finally
  • monika_closet


  • typofixes

  • Fixed logs not working on Macs

  • Fixed apology for graduation speech

  • Games now unlock on start if you should have had them unlocked. Should fix missing games for some people.

  • Fixed mas_pf14_monika_lovey_dovey appearing in the Repeat Conversation menu.

  • Scary stories now restores your zoom level upon finishing.

  • Fixed writing tips being in the wrong menus and not unlocking in order

  • Fixed Monika mentioning family topics when you say you don't have a family

  • Fixed text speed being adjustable during graduation speech

  • Fixed first kiss label on calendar appearing every year

  • Fixed zoom adjustment not being smooth when you first give Monika hot chocolate or coffee

  • Fixed d25 deco staying up past d25 season

API Changes


  • added getMASLog to retrieve platform-generic logger. Use this instead of renpy.log
  • mas_isGameUnlocked - determines if a game has been unlocked. This does not take into account external factors (like chess disabling)
  • mas_unlockGame - unlocks a game


  • License updates - The major change is a more restrictive asset policy. In general, ask us before using any of our content.

Special Thanks