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v0.9.4 - The Spring Cleaning Update

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 18 May 03:16
· 7793 commits to master since this release

Although its nearly summer at this point...

UPDATE The artpack zip has been renamed to and includes a readme with giftname information.

Gameplay Changes

  • Added grammar tips of the day. These unlock similiarly to python tips.

  • Pong reworked so its more fair, more competitive for the player, and has more dialogue variety. (Monika might not play well at first)

  • Hair has been redone

  • Leaning expressions have been cleaned up

  • Closed-eye expressions now have tears

  • New weather options: progressive, and overcast. Thunder sounds have also been redone, should sound better. Weather now has variable chances based on season, aka more rain in spring than in summer and so on.

  • Lightning chances have been reduced

  • Spaceroom transition code has been optimized and reworked. You may notice transitions being smoother.

  • Added "Nevermind" option to the long absence farewell to allow for backing out

  • Added additional interactions if Monika is held for some time

  • Monika now may randomly ask to be held

  • Minor potential optimization with predicting

  • The table/desk sprite has been separated from the body and can now be replaced. Currently there is still only 1 desk available.

  • Added a JSON-based sprite addition system. This allows for sprite/art packs to be released in separate zips as optional DLC. Sprites added by sprite/art packs can be unlocked in game by gifting an appropriate gift after copying the files. See the wiki for more info. Sprite packs will be added to the Assets section below on every release.

  • Also added the first sprite/art pack using the JSON system: JMO's hairclips. These contain 3 neat hairclips to decorate your Monika's hair. Only works for non-Neko/Witch outfits.

  • Selector topics will no longer crash if a thumbnail couldn't be found

New Topics

  • monika_standup
  • monika_beingevil
  • monika_failure
  • monika_enjoyingspring

Changed topics

  • monika_marriage


  • typofixes

  • Topics with prompts that begin with the player's name are now alphabetical according to name in topic menus

  • Fixed data verification system false flagging lists

  • Disabled renpy's graphics renderer menu. If the game launches and closes abruptly, its because the menu tried to open.

  • Fixed a variety of issues that occur if intro is called a 2nd time

  • Forced start label to jump to ch30 loop. This should prevent intro from being called if you land on the main menu again.

  • Forced selector topics to unlock on start if appropriate

  • Fixed issue where one can override the long absence farewell by using a specific farewell

  • Fixed issue where the special player bday greeting gets shown the next day after quitting mid-dialogue

  • Fixed the cake scene in player bday not resetting zoom

  • Fixed the intro python tip not locking itself

  • Potentially fixed infinite loop issues

  • Fixed eye color being mentioned even if user hasn't discussed eye color yet

  • Fixed issues where the updater was unable to replace files that were in use, resulting in broken installs

  • Fixed issue where the the seasonal check functions could break if the game was left on past midnight

  • Fixed issue where Monika could be wearing her ribbon while wearing Neko/Witch outfits

API Changes


  • mas_drawSpaceroomMasks now can do dissolving
  • is_morning changed to mas_isMorning
  • spaceroom changed significantly, can take more args for controlling various things regarding a spaceroom transition


  • mas_getSpriteObjInfo - call this first when running a sprite gift reaction so you have some data on the sprite object
  • mas_finishSpriteObjInfo - call this at the end of a sprite gift reaction with the data returned from mas_getSpriteObjInfo to signal that a sprite gift reaction has been completed. Failure to call this may result in sprites that will never unlock.


  • Consolidated the sprite types so they all point to the same set. (SP_ACS, SP_HAIR, SP_CLOTHES)
  • Added a dev topic that tests if prog points for custom sprites crash
  • Sprites can be added via JSON framework. Some sprite properties and settings are only available by creating the sprite object manually.
  • Selector menus can now generate a remover object, which basically acts as a "None" or "blank" accessory type. This ACS doesn't stay with Monika so it allows us to avoid having to make a blank ACS for every ACS group.
  • Tons of acs type/exprop/group related functions have been added to MASMonika. See sprite-chart for more info.
  • Table has been added to _ms_sitting.
  • MASPoseMaps can be built from JSONs now using the static method fromJSON.
  • All sprite objects have a _build_loadstrs function, which returns a list of filepaths to images that this sprite may attempt to load.
  • mas_filterUnlockGroup - use this to check and unlock selectors for a group of ACS sprites. This makes sure that there is more than a specific amount before unlocking.


  • EXP previewer has been updated to work with the new closed-eyes tear sprites
  • Added a very basic unit test dev menu.
  • play_song now sets the appropraite persistent vars when used
  • MASDockingStation can now be disabled/enabled via its enabled property.

Special Thanks