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- Monitorr is a webfront to live display the status of any webapp or service

GitHub Master-release [MASTER]

Docker build [DOCKER]

GitHub (pre-)release [DEVELOP]

NOTICE (27 June 18): If updating to version 1.7 from ANY previous version, BEFORE updating backup your custom.css file located at: [Monitorr install path]/assets/data/css/custom.css . After the update is complete, simply restore the custom.css file to the same location overwriting the custom.css file that was updated. This is due to a bug which has been resolved in version 1.7 therefore this process will no longer be needed in future updates. See the WiKi Update Notice for more information.


Latest major change: Multi HD display / Service ping response time display

  • LIVE! (w/ option to pause live updating)
  • Self-hosted.
  • Responsive mobile display.
  • Monitor any app/service on any domain (Curl as primary check, fsockopen as fallback).
  • Enable/disable hot linking for each service.
  • Service ping response time display. (NEW)
  • Host system resources display (CPU, MEM, HD, PING, Uptime) (UPDATED)
  • Integrated settings page w/ authentication.
  • User customizable system threshold colors.
  • Custom CSS tool. (NEW)
  • Server DTG data. (UPDATED)
  • Update tool via web UI / branch switching w/ update notification.
  • Minimal UI for iFrame displays. (See: WIKI)

Features in development:


Monitorr Screenshot


Monitorr Mobile SS


  1. PHP (7.1+ recommended)
  2. PHP cURL
  3. PHP ZipArchive
  4. PHP PDO
  5. SQLite
  6. GIT (Recommended for Windows hosts (see wiki)

Quick Start:

  1. Clone/download the Monitorr repository to your webserver. (Docker image available here: Docker build )
  2. Browse to: [localhost\domain]/monitorr/index.php
  3. Establish data directory, and user database via secure registration tool.
  4. Log in and configure Monitorr via secure settings UI.
  5. Chill

Feature Requests:

Feature Requests

Current feature requests:

Feature Requests


About Us:


- Causefx - christronyxyocum - rob1998 - Roxedux -

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