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Changes from monkey cds 1.53 to monkey mod 2.0

  • kpded2 should be used to run Monkey Mod for many enhancements including...
    • players can download map vote pics (and sounds and skies) that they don't already have
      from the server
    • the team of each player is shown in server browsers such as Qtracker and GSpyLite
    • other players are notified when a player cancels connecting
    • lagged out players that reconnect before they've timed out can continue from where they
      left off
    • banned players are told that they're banned when refused connection
    • some other benefits are mentioned below
  • anti-lag system (based on the "Unlagged" Q3 mod)
    • compensates for client latency (eg. ping) when shooting (movement is unaffected) to
      allow a player to aim directly at the other players instead of ahead of them, by
      checking where the other players were when the trigger was pulled.
    • controlled by a new "antilag" cvar: 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled (default)
    • the latency reduction is limited to around 500ms. For example, if a player has a
      ping of 600ms then their effective ping can only be reduced to around 100ms
    • only applies to bullets and pipe/crowbar (not rockets/grenades/flames)
    • rockets are handled differently: they are fast-forwarded a bit at launch according to
      how much over 100ms the delay between the player pressing fire and the rocket being
      launched is. There is no fast-forwarding effect if the delay is under 100ms.
    • players can use "antilag 0" in the console (or "set antilag 0" in autoexec.cfg) to
      disable the anti-lag system on their shots
  • rocketmode
    • enabled by setting the "dm_realmode" cvar to 2
    • the only weapon is the bazooka; all weapon/mod pickups are removed from the map and
      all ammo is changed to rockets
    • splash damage is reduced to 50% on others and only 10% on self to encourage rocket jumping
    • reload delay is removed
  • bonuses for killing players with more frags in deathmatch (teamplay 0)
    • a new "bonus" cvar (and "default_bonus" comp.ini option) can be set to a frag deficit that
      will result in receiving a bonus hit, 0 = disabled (default). When a player is killed with
      at least this many more frags and a higher frags per minute ratio, the killer will receive
      a bonus hit (+2 instead of +1). Bonuses are only received after playing for 1 minute.
  • automatic spectating for lagged out players
    • players become spectators if their connection goes dead for 5 seconds; they can rejoin the
      game if/when the connection recovers
    • lagged out players are shown in grey in the spectators scoreboard
  • map list/rotation tweaks
    • "custom_map_file" comp.ini option is renamed to "maps_list" ("custom_map_file" is also accepted
      for back-compatibility) and a "bm_maps_list" option is added for a separate bagman maps list
    • if a map list isn't specified in comp.ini, the "g_mapcycle_file" cvar will be used (if set)
    • rank is no longer used (old map lists including rank are still accepted for back-compatibility)
    • the list is pre-checked and any non-existing maps are removed from it
    • the list also provides the map rotation (maps.lst/teammaps.lst are no longer used)
    • if the current map isn't in the rotation then the first map (or random map if "default_random_map"
      is enabled) will be next
  • props support
    • the "props" cvar can be used to enable props in maps: 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled except rats/fish,
      2 = enabled including rats/fish
    • reduced number of entities used by exploding bodies and crates
    • fix for exploding fire extinguisher prop crash
  • support for rain and snow clouds
  • locational armour usage/damage without dm_locational_damage enabled
    • head/body/leg armour is used depending on height of hit
    • head armour is used when hit by dropping platforms/doors
  • when a player is telefragged it doesn't affect their score
  • random spawn point selection will skip any occupied points
  • players will spawn next to a spawn point if there are no free spawn points (to avoid telefragging)
  • team spawn points are also used in standard deathmatch when playing a bagman map
  • neutral spawn points close to a safe are changed to team spawn points
  • fix for badly positioned spawn points
    • spawn points partially in a wall/floor/ceiling are moved a bit away from it
    • spawn points further inside a wall are removed
  • fix to stop spawning within another player
  • fix to stop $30 reward being given even when killing enemy away from safe in small bagman maps
  • fix to make splash damage blood drops come from the player instead of the wall
  • fix for r_cullaliasmodel error messages when a player picks up a cashbag while they have
    anti-spawncamp protection active
  • minimum time between bagman safe deposits reduced to 0.5s
  • the fraglimit setting is now ignored in bagman
  • fix for auto-weapon change (when current weapon is out of ammo) not choosing a new weapon
    without extra ammo clips
  • weapon reloading is disabled when the player has no more ammo for it
  • HMG cooler mod replaced with rapid fire pistol mod in realmode
  • each team/model combination now has a single skin set (instead of 2) in team play
    • the most distinctive (most red or yellow) skin set is always used
    • spectators are also given a team skin to avoid unnecessary skin/model loading
  • current team indicator to remind anyone that forgets what team they're on
    • the top-right corner of the screen is coloured appropriately (kpded2 is needed to download the images)
  • "start in X seconds" countdown messages are replaced by audio cues (beeps)
  • chase tweaks
    • the closest player will be chosen as the target when starting chasing
    • eyecam view is now exactly the same as the target player sees, including bobbing/recoil/flames/etc
    • the target's body/shadow is removed in eyecam mode (so it never appears in view) when kpded2 is used
    • fix to no longer chase the target when they become a spectator
    • fix to prevent camera movement by the chaser in locked chase modes
  • standard deathmatch spectator tweaks
    • scoreboard "time" value doesn't include time spent spectating
    • other players are notified when a player becomes a spectator
    • spectators stay as spectators after map changes
    • the "spec" command does nothing when the player is already a spectator
    • the team change overflow protection also applies to spectating & rejoining
  • scoreboard tweaks
    • name of current map shown at top of scoreboard
    • accuracy column added to bagman scoreboard
    • accuracy column no longer includes rockets except in rocketmode
    • players with equal frags in standard DM are separated by deaths (was already the case in team DM)
    • connecting players are shown in grey with "CNCT" beside their name in the spectators scoreboard
    • faster map vote menu response
    • admin colour changed to light blue
    • reduced chances of overflows
  • players are moved to the intermission spot at the end of all games
    • intermission background also darkened to increase scoreboard contrast
  • the scoreboard automatically switches to the map vote menu after 15 seconds (if voting is enabled)
    • "scoreboard_first" comp.ini option removed
  • a new "motd" command to bring up the MOTD scoreboard at any time
  • map vote tweaks/fixes
    • all 8 vote options are now chosen totally randomly (no rank)
    • current map is excluded from vote options
    • fixed a bug that excluded the first map in the map list from the vote options
    • fix for "GL_MAXTEXTURES" error (related to map vote pics)
  • map change voting
    • when used by a non-admin, the "changemap" command will start a vote to approve the map change
  • player attack animation tweaks/fixes
    • players can be seen to wave the pipe/crowbar
    • players will change to attack stance when shooting while jumping
  • a new "toggle_zoom" command to toggle FOV zooming-in ("no_zoom" cvar)
  • individual flag setting with "setdmflags" command
    • '+' value prefix sets a flag, '-' prefix unsets a flag
  • a new "toggle_bunny" command to simplify enabling/disabling bunny-hopping
    • automatically calculates the appropriate "dmflags" value
  • "fixed_gametype" comp.ini option no longer blocks the use of the "setdmflags" command
  • "changemap" command can load any map on the server if "fixed_gametype" isn't enabled
    • players will also remain on the same teams if the game type isn't changing
  • rconx "status" and admin "clientlist" command tweaks
    • now includes players that are connecting
    • a "lastmsg" column is added that shows how long ago the client was last in contact
      with the server
  • "players" command enhanced to look like the rconx "status" command but with the player's
    country shown instead of their IP address
  • other console command tweaks
    • "commands" command only lists commands that the player currently has access to
    • "settings" command includes anti-spawncamp/bunny-hopping/shadows/zooming in its list
    • "publicsetup" command removed ("resetserver" can be used instead)
    • "listdicks" admin/rcon/rconx command renamed to "listbans"
    • logged-in rconx users can use the "admin" command without a password to take admin
    • "mute" rconx command removed (the naked "mute" commands can be used instead)
  • idle client timeout tweaks
    • minimum timeout setting reduced back to 60 seconds
    • other players are notified when a player idles-out
  • spectating disabling option tweaks
    • spectating disabling only affects match mode, not public mode
    • chasing is also disabled when spectating is disabled
    • can now be enabled by elected admins via "toggle_spec" command
    • disabled spectators won't receive any player movement info when kpded2 is used
  • waiting for players in a low power idle mode
    • enabled by the "wait_for_players" option in comp.ini
    • saves CPU and disk activity on idle servers (more CPU is saved with kpded2)
    • if map voting is enabled, the first players can choose which map to start playing on
  • serverinfo trimmed down
    • "anti_spawncamp" / "no_shadows" / "no_spec" / "no_zoom" cvars removed from serverinfo
      (the "settings" command can still be used to check them)
    • "time remaining" cvar renamed to "time", "team scores" renamed to "scores", "team
      names" renamed to "teams"
    • "cashlimit" only included for bagman
  • default anti-spawncamp setting
    • the "anti_spawncamp" option is now set to 1 (on) by default
    • "default_anti_spawncamp" comp.ini option added
    • "disable_asc" option removed (wasn't working as described anyway)
  • "default" settings are now optional
    • any setting that doesn't have a "default" entry in comp.ini will be left as it is when
      the server is reset
  • "maxrate" option removed
    • the server never sends more than 15000 bytes/second anyway (usually a lot less) except
      during downloading (which was unaffected by "maxrate")
    • a warning is shown in the MOTD screen when the player has "rate" set below 15000
  • timescale kicking removed
    • kpded2 has its own better timescale kicking option
    • speed cheating is still effectively disabled via the "sv_enforcetime" cvar setting
  • CDS client support removed
    • the client required the Monkey Mod website for updates but that no longer exists
    • "kick_dirty" comp.ini option and "cds" admin command are removed
  • single player and co-op modes are removed
    • automatically sets "deathmatch" to 1 and "coop" to 0
    • single player code has been removed/disabled to reduce the file size (and perhaps
      slightly improve performance)
  • references to non-existent & unused sound files in "sound/doors/" removed
  • code changes to enable compilation with modern GCC versions on Linux

@MonkeyHarris MonkeyHarris released this Jun 10, 2016 · 5 commits to master since this release

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Changes from Monkey Mod 1.52b

  • notification of connecting players, and what country they're connecting from
    • uses the MaxMind GeoIP library/database to get the player's country (read
      install.txt for more info)
    • the country info is also shown in the "players" list
  • any cash held by a player will be dropped when they disconnect or spec
  • added a new cvar (no_zoom)
    • no_zoom disables zooming-in by setting the FOV below 90
    • no_zoom is 0 (off) by default, set it to 1 (on) for it to take effect
    • no_zoom can be set from server console, rcon/rconx and server.cfg
  • tweaked flame hack handling
    • the "kick_flamehack" option is now set to 1 (on) by default
    • before kicking, it will first try automatically setting gl_polyblend to 2
  • fix to stop console clearing on map changes
  • fix for banned IP checking bug
  • fix for "custom_map_file" loading leak