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UVic Data Analytics Coding Fundamentals (BIDA302) course materials

Data Analytics Coding Fundamentals (BIDA302) is offered by the University of Victoria's Continuing Studies, part of the Business Intelligence and Data Analytics series.

The important thing is that you solve the problem that you’re working on, not write the most concise and elegant code (although that’s definitely something you want to strive towards!)

Course outline:

BIDA302, most recent offering -- draft, subject to change

Solutions to hands-on exercises

Solutions to the in-class hands-on exercises can be found as online interactive tutorials; they are housed in the tutormanner

Capstone projects

The capstone projects for BIDA302 get their own repo


2022.1.x -- offered 2022, spring (2022-01-08 to 2022-02-18 & 2022-03-05 to 2022-04-10)

2021.2.x -- offered 2021, fall (2021-11-06 to 2021-12-12)

2021.1.x -- offered 2021, spring (2021-03-06 to 2021-04-18)

2020.2.x -- offered 2020, fall (2020-10-24 to 2020-11-29)

2020.1.x -- offered 2020, spring (2020-02-29 to 2020-04-04)

2019.1.x -- offered 2019, fall (2019-11-02 to 2019-12-07)

Course book

The course book (for which this GitHub repo is the source) can be found here:

bookdown::publish_book(name = "DataAnalyticsCodingFundamentals", account = "martin_monkman")