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Releases: Monogatari/Monogatari

Monogatari v2.0.2

27 Feb 16:57
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Release post available here.

Monogatari v2.0.1

29 Dec 03:38
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Monogatari v2.0.1 Pre-release
Update engine core

Monogatari v2.0.0

31 Oct 21:06
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Update engine core

Monogatari v1.4.1

04 Mar 04:27
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Bugs Fixed

  • The date on the Save Screen input would not change
  • There was a problem with the Auto/Stop and Hide/Show buttons in the quick menu when used in internationalized games.

Don't worry, the only file that's changed is the monogatari.js file so the changes are simple to apply. If you haven't made any modifications to the file, just download the new one and replace yours with it.

Monogatari v1.4.0

27 Feb 05:08
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New Features

  • It is now possible to use dynamic properties in character's names.
  • Text now is displayed with a typewriter animation (which can be easily disabled)
  • There is now an auto play function in the quick menu
  • There is now a wait statement so you can wait a few moments before proceeding to the next statement.
  • You can now repeat the character animations in an infinite loop
  • New styling makes it easier to resize the game if full screen is not wanted
  • Cordova compatibility now comes out of the box and thus you can build your game for platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone in an easier way.
  • Improved support for older platforms
  • Dutch translations are now available
  • Save Slots can now be named and deleted
  • Save Slots and Load Slots are now created on demand instead of having a fixed quantity from the start
  • Date and time is now showed nicely in the Save and Load slots
  • The quick menu is now dynamic, styling it for a better experience on mobile and desktop
  • Back function is now a lot more flexible, backing on scenes is finally possible!
  • Added new reversible function objects

Bug Fixes

  • #39 Voice files would not be preloaded due to a typo on the path.
  • Games on electron for macOS had the full screen option disabled.
  • French UI translations have been fixed.
  • Conditional choices would not be shown correctly
  • Updated links that still pointed to the old domain
  • The CSS Shake Library was not adapted to fit the Monogatari animations conventions and thus had no real effect
  • Particles were not taken in consideration for either backing or saving the game
  • Auto Save Slots did not followed the same formatting as the normal Save Slots
  • A click on input button would sometimes advance the game
  • Loading would sometimes cause an advance on the game instead of continuing in the same step
  • There were inconsistencies on game advancement depending on the browser

Development-related Changes

  • Code has been cleaned up to match the new guidelines provided through linters
  • New linting gulp tasks have been added
  • Started adoptions of some ES6 features
  • Use Aegis Framework's Oregano Template as a base

Library Updates

  • Artemis 0.1.7

How To Update?

This release changes quite a lot, the easier way to upgrade is to download this new version and then start porting your game to the new one.

Once you've downloaded and unpacked this new release, you can start by copying your media files, the directory structure is still the same so copying over the img, video and audio directories should be just fine.

Several options were added to the options.js file so the best is to change the values on the file to match your previous one. The storage variable is now located in it's own file storage.js, simply move your previous storage object to this new file.

All items related to the script are still inside the script.js file, for that one you can simply copy the values of all the variables defined there.

The main.css file now has some relevant selectors for the style, you can either take advantage of them to restructure your custom style or simply replace the whole file.

The index.html file was also changed in some structural ways so instead of replacing it, make the same changes you made before to this one.

Bottom line is, try not to replace the new files with your previous ones, instead, copy the respective elements where they belong. Upgrading is still pretty much a manual work but hopefully that'll change in the future. If you need any help porting from a previous Monogatari version, don't doubt to contact me!

Special Thanks To:

  • All my Patrons who make all of this possible!
  • BakaKiller and ign1ght for new languages translations
  • DragoonHP for all the testing and help
  • Cesar for the continuous support to the project
  • Nando for the awesome support on design-related tasks
  • Everyone who has made a bug report, shared ideas, or supported the project in any other way, thanks a lot!

Monogatari v1.3.3.1

04 Nov 01:22
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Bug Fixes

This is a maintenance update fixing 3 bugs present in the v1.3.3 release:

  • Conditional Choices where shown as "null"
  • The main menu appeared even after the quick start was on if the preloading was set to true
  • Some ES6 functions failed to work on iOS 9 and thus the game was not shown

How to Update?

The only changed file was the monogatari.js file inside the js directory, if you haven't made changes to this file, updating your project is as simple as replacing your old monogatari.js file with the new one.

If you have made changes to it, then here are the steps you need to do in order to fix those bugs:

Fixing Conditional Choices

This one is easy, just find (individually) and change the following statements from a var to a let:


Line 1685

var choice = label[engine["Step"]]["Choice"][i];

Line 1712

var condition = statement["Conditional"];

Line 1731

var inputValue = $_("[data-ui='input'] input").value();


let choice = label[engine["Step"]]["Choice"][i];
let condition = statement["Conditional"];
let inputValue = $_("[data-ui='input'] input").value();

Fixing the iOS 9 problem

Find the following code:

Line 876

function assertAsync (callable, args = null) { 

And replace it with this one:

function assertAsync (callable, args) {
    if (typeof args === "undefined") {
        args = null;

Fixing the quick start

Find the following block:

Line 533

if (typeof engine.ShowMenu != 'undefined') {
    if (!engine["ShowMenu"]) {
        playing = true;
        engine["Step"] += 1;
} else {
    console.warn("The ShowMenu property is missing in the engine configuration.");

Replace it with this one:

function showMainMenu () {
    if (typeof engine.ShowMenu != 'undefined') {
        if (!engine["ShowMenu"]) {
            playing = true;
            engine["Step"] += 1;
        } else {
    } else {
        console.warn("The ShowMenu property is missing in the engine configuration.");

showMainMenu ();

Now, find the 3 lines that contain this code, they should be around Line 666 and 682, depending on the space you left while changing the previous code:


And replace those 3 with a call to the new function:

showMainMenu ();

Special Thanks To:

  • Mapfde for reporting the iOS issue
  • Lalo for helping me out on the iOS 9 debugging
  • Piiritaja for making me discover the conditional choices bug
  • LadyIsak for reporting the quick start bug

And finally, thanks a lot to my Patrons who support the development of Monogatari and all my projects!

Monogatari v1.3.3

11 Jul 02:53
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Features Added

  • Disabling the ability to resize the window on electron will enable a Resolution picker in the settings area that mantains the aspect ratio of your game.
  • It is now posible to use promises in Input, Choice and Conditional functions for async work.
  • Save and Load slots now won't show the label name for an improved look of the data.
  • Choices objects now allow a Class property for custom individual styling

Bug Fixes

  • Input validation and save event functions would keep attached to the button thus running again on every input and failing to handle the data correctly.
  • Animation classes would stay on the background causing strange bahavior
  • Particles element was not visible due to the new background element
  • After a game ended, all elements where not reset correctly
  • A lot of translations where missing
  • Some configuration properties lacked a proper warning

Monogatari v1.3.2

24 Jun 02:54
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Features Added:

  • New icon placeholders to improve user experience and provide a more transparent expected actions to developers
  • Image and Audio asset native preloading
  • An app manifest was added to improve web app experience
  • Cache and asset preloading can now be controled using Service Workers which allows the game to be played even when offline
  • Support for async tasks inside the script was added using Promises
  • The background was split from the main game object in order to provide a better control of it and also enables animations just like with the character's show statement
  • Scrollbars in webkit based browsers are now styled
  • A dialog is now shown when user wants to quit instead of using the confirm() JS function

Bugs Fixed:

  • Bug #24: Choice Objects would not be shown if they where put right in the beginning of a label
  • Choice buttons didn't show the right cursor icon on hover
  • A call to jQuery was still being made in the engine core
  • There was no translation strings for the Audio string inside the settings screen
  • Choices where still shown after the game ended
  • Storage was not reset after the game ended
  • Input dialog warning messages where not hidden after the game ended


  • Artemis v0.1.2

Special Thanks To:

  • Cesar, for the continued bug report
  • @Kagami for contributing to the core's code and reporting issues
  • @Fernandos12 for contributing and fixing those things I consider a mistery

Monogatari v1.3.1

05 May 20:03
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Features Added:

  • Dynamic Side Image, previously a side image was static, now you can use a per-dialog side image, it's really easy!
  • Added support for infinite animation loop when showing images or characters (and more extensible as well)
  • A new 'focus' class is added to the image of the character currently speaking, mainly for highlighting purposes.
  • It is now possible to add a Dialog to a Choice object so that it is shown at the same time.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Save function caused side images to be replicated
  • Conditional Statement wasn't able to set a function as a condition
  • Fix error that made the Back button inside menus unusable on Firefox
  • Buttons font size was not coherent with the rest of the elements
  • Fix error that caused Save slots to only be available the second time the page is loaded


  • Font Awesome v4.7.0
  • jQuery v3.2.1
  • Artemis v0.1.1
  • Animate CSS v3.5.2
  • CSS Shake v1.5.0
  • Normalize v7.0.0

Thanks to:

  • Cesar for making pretty much all this release possible
  • All the developers who make the libraries Monogatari uses
  • Everyone who is giving Monogatari a try, you guys are awesome!

Monogatari v1.3.0

11 Aug 03:08
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Added Features:

  • HTML5 Notifications can now be sent with the notify statement
  • Mobiles can now vibrate with the vibrate statement
  • Auto Saving is now possible
  • The main menu can now be skipped so that the game runs right away
  • Added a way to ask the user for data with the input statement
  • A persistent storage variable is now available
  • Japanese and French UI translations are now available
  • Added Particles JS library and a particles statement
  • Added CSShake animation library

Fixed Issues:

  • Main menu music now replays after the game is ended
  • Items are now hidden after the game is ended
  • Image file names with spaces are now handled correctly


  • Updated jQuery to v3.1
  • Updated Font Awesome to v4.6.3
  • Updated Electron entry script
  • Updated Normalize CSS to v4.2.0

Development changes

  • Replaced jQuery for Aegis JS in the core functionality
  • Added Gulp tasks to automate releases