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Visualization application for monome written in processing
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|| Grid Goggles 0.01
|| by Raymond Weitekamp
|| Date:  12.4.11
|| Summary: A utility for synchronous visualization of time-dependent matrices.  Like a monome.
||         In development...pre-alpha.
|| Details: Currently for monome only.  Receives "/key" and "/led" messages on port 3030.  
||          Use AlphaNerd's SerialOSnoopy or Griddle to easily copy your OSC messages:
|| Instructions for adding: There are specific sections of the code for adding new visualizations.
||       These are tagged with the symbol '@@@'.  
|| Note: Currently developed for Processing 1.5.1, and rendered with the GLGraphics library by CodeAntiCode
|| License: GNU GPL 2.0 (

altitudesickness TODOs:
  -ADD ControlP5 for OSC port
  -ADD ControlP5 for specific visualization parameters

thealphanerd TODOs:
  -breakout examples as separate sketches
  -create csv to store list of different visualizations
  -make selection list modular to adapt to any number of items
  -create input for switching visuals
  -enable full screen
  -placement on second monitor
  -fix 256 placement
  -add gui element to select monome size

  -Lots more visualizations!
  -color picker
  -transitions between visuals
  -256 testing
    -test re-sizing
  -cross-platform, streamlined fullscreen mode

  -space invaders!
  -particles.  too intensive? see "bouncy boxes":
  -wavy?  could be cool?
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