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Mining Monitor for Bitcoin

With the default config, it will display GPU load, temperature and fanspeed.
Using the patched ConsoleLogger from phoenix, it will also display your hashrate.

For an example how it looks like, go to

To get the GPU infos, you need pyADL:

Put the python files of this monitor (, and in the pyADL directory, so they can use it. 
will export the graphs directly to .png files and uses more CPU time than 
amcharts. Also, its less shiny ;)

All the files in the amcharts dir should go into some dir of your webserver - 
I recommend nginx. You may need to adjust some paths.

To get the hashrate info, put into your phoenix miner dir and
replace the existing version.

Finally, add the python scripts to your crontab:

# m    h  dom mon dow   command
  *    *  *   *   *     cd /home/mononofu/pyADL && DISPLAY=:0.0 python > /dev/null
  *    *  *   *   *     cd /home/mononofu/pyADL && python -t 4 -r 20 > /var/www/stats/04hour.csv
  */10 *  *   *   *     cd /home/mononofu/pyADL && python -t 24 -r 120 > /var/www/stats/24hour.csv

Of course, change the paths so they fit your system. All paths and settings for the python scripts are in

If you like this program, please consider donating: 
I'm a poor student and need to eat too :\ is an unrelated utility which simplifies some calculations
for you. It grabs current bitcoin prices from Mt. Gox and calculates profits
in euros.