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Poster of 2200 jōyō and WaniKani kanji
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Kanji Poster


A simple python script to generate the LaTeX source for a poster to show all jōyō kanji as well as the extra kanji included in WaniKani.

In total the poster includes 2200 kanji. The script supports varies ways of sorting and coloring the kanji; in the screenshot above they are sorted according to the order they occur in Remembering the Kanji by James Heisig and colored according to the log of their frequency in some common texts.

I've also checked in example versions of the poster with different fonts that you can download. Note that this is still a work in progress, I have not checked the poster for correctness.


# Generate the LaTeX files.

# Compile everything into a pdf.
lualatex main.tex


The script uses colour to interpolate colors and jaconv to convert between hiragana and katakana for readings; you can install both from pip.

To compile the pdf, you'll need the LuaLaTeX package; on Ubuntu you can install this with:

sudo apt install texlive-full texlive-luatex

Depending on the fonts you want to use, you might have to install some more packages:

# IPAexMincho and IPAexGothic
sudo apt install fonts-ipaexfont
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