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With a variety of gestures, Omnimote allows you to easily control XBMC without looking at your phone. The gestures' meaning varies depending on context, but is always intuitive. Below is a full list:

While watching a movie:

  • swipe left/right: skip backward/forward
  • (two-finger) swipe down: context menu
  • two-finger swipe left: back
  • single tap: play/pause
  • double tap: stop

While in any menu:

  • normal swipes: arrow keys - move in that direction
  • two-finger swipe down: context menu
  • two-finger swipe left: back
  • single tap: select
  • swipe up/down and hold: scrolling

Use the volume keys to change the volume XBMC is playing at.

If you have suggestions or want to request a feature, please don't hesitate to contact me via email ( or open a request on Github:

The app is fully open source and licensed under GPL v3, you can find the source here:


First, install sbt if you don't have it. Instructions:

I'm using the sbt-android plugin. To allow it to work, make sure that ANDROID_HOME is set correctly to the location of your android SDK. (see

Finally, simply run 'sbt android:start-device' to build the app and install it on your phone

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