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Monotype Variable Font Demo - Avenir Next™

Monotype is pleased to introduce a variable font demo based on the Avenir Next family. Avenir Next was designed by Adrian Frutiger with expanded rework by Monotype Type Director Akira Kobayashi.

Avenir Next is a humanist design san serif with clean, classic styling.

This Variable Font demo was made to showcase the capabilities in the new OpenType version 1.8 specification. Please read the EULA, which limits usage for development, prototyping and testing purposes – and not for re-distribution or commercial use.

Note: The latest version fixes a problem with HVAR table and also adds variations to the GPOS kerning feature.

To test the functionality in this font, try FontView.

This TrueType variable font contains two axes:

  •     Weight
  •     Width

It has an ASCII character set, along with en and em dash and opening/closing quotes.

And 8 named instances:

  •     Condensed
  •     Medium Condensed
  •     Bold Condensed
  •     Heavy Condensed
  •     Regular
  •     Medium
  •     Bold
  •     Heavy