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Monotype Variable Font Demo - Kairos™ Sans

Monotype is pleased to introduce our first Variable Font demo. Kairos Sans was designed by Terrance Weinzierl and produced by Monotype’s font development team.

Kairos Sans is an octagonal sans serif typeface with bold simplicity, with a design influenced by 19th Century Grecian typefaces. It features a full palette of weights and widths; including complementary italics.

This Variable Font demo was made to showcase the capabilities in the new OpenType version 1.8 specification. Please read the EULA, which limits usage for development, prototyping and testing purposes – and not for re-distribution or commercial use.

To test the functionality in this font, try FontView.

This TrueType variable font contains three axes:

  •     Weight
  •     Width
  •     Italic

It has an ASCII character set, along with en and em dash and opening/closing quotes.

And 36 named instances:

  •     Condensed Thin
  •     Condensed ExtraLight
  •     Condensed Light
  •     Condensed Regular
  •     Condensed Medium
  •     Condensed Bold
  •     Condensed ExtraBold
  •     Condensed Black
  •     Thin
  •     ExtraLight
  •     Light
  •     Regular
  •     Medium
  •     Bold
  •     ExtraBold
  •     Black
  •     Extended Thin
  •     Extended ExtraLight
  •     Extended Light
  •     Extended Medium
  •     Extended Bold
  •     Extended ExtraBold
  •     Extended Black
  •     Condensed Thin Italic
  •     Condensed ExtraLight Italic
  •     Condensed Light Italic
  •     Condensed Regular Italic
  •     Condensed Medium Italic
  •     Condensed Bold Italic
  •     Condensed ExtraBold Italic
  •     Thin Italic
  •     ExtraLight Italic
  •     Light Italic
  •     Regular Italic
  •     Medium Italic
  •     Bold Italic
  •     ExtraBold Italic
  •     Black Italic
  •     Extended Thin Italic
  •     Extended ExtraLight Italic
  •     Extended Light Italic
  •     Extended Medium Italic
  •     Extended Bold Italic
  •     Extended ExtraBold Italic
  •     Extended Black Italic