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Important message

This version of server is almost obsoleted.

New version will be available at

Migration is very simple

What is the reason?

  • Current implementation is rather slow (see benchmarks).
  • Current implementation have a bit bad app design
  • Current implementation have deps, that could be avoided

What is still better in current?

  • New version have no WebSockets support (yet)
  • New version have no dispatch actions (static, dir index, etc) (yet)
  • New version was written from scratch, so bugs is possible at this stage

Why name collision?

This module was not yet released to CPAN, and I found it is the best name for AnyEvent-based HTTP server component.

Sorry for inconvenience.

I've been trying to make new version compatible with old. But there were performance issues and not so good design

For ex: it is almost impossible to upload really big file (for ex: .iso) using old implementation.


Benchmarking tool weighttp -c 100 -n 10000 http://localhost:8080/

Example app HTTP server on port 8080, which should reply with string "Good"

  • AnyEvent::HTTP::Server (current)

    finished in 3 sec, 421 millisec and 143 microsec, 2922 req/s, 278 kbyte/s

  • Twiggy (v0.1021)

    finished in 1 sec, 630 millisec and 908 microsec, 6131 req/s, 272 kbyte/s

  • Starman (--workers 1) (v0.3006)

    finished in 2 sec, 469 millisec and 571 microsec, 4049 req/s, 511 kbyte/s

  • Starman (--workers 4) (best for my 4 core)

    finished in 1 sec, 102 millisec and 631 microsec, 9069 req/s, 1161 kbyte/s

  • AnyEvent::HTTP::Server-II (1 worker)

    finished in 1 sec, 295 millisec and 127 microsec, 7721 req/s, 912 kbyte/s

  • AnyEvent::HTTP::Server-II (4 workers)

    finished in 0 sec, 552 millisec and 381 microsec, 18103 req/s, 2139 kbyte/s