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BUILD_GOOS = "${@go_map_os(d.getVar('BUILD_OS', True), d)}"
BUILD_GOARCH = "${@go_map_arch(d.getVar('BUILD_ARCH', True), d)}"
HOST_GOOS = "${@go_map_os(d.getVar('HOST_OS', True), d)}"
HOST_GOARCH = "${@go_map_arch(d.getVar('HOST_ARCH', True), d)}"
HOST_GOARM = "${@go_map_arm(d.getVar('HOST_ARCH', True), d.getVar('TUNE_FEATURES', True), d)}"
TARGET_GOOS = "${@go_map_os(d.getVar('TARGET_OS', True), d)}"
TARGET_GOARCH = "${@go_map_arch(d.getVar('TARGET_ARCH', True), d)}"
TARGET_GOARM = "${@go_map_arm(d.getVar('TARGET_ARCH', True), d.getVar('TUNE_FEATURES', True), d)}"
GO_BUILD_BINDIR = "${@['bin/${HOST_GOTUPLE}','bin'][d.getVar('BUILD_GOTUPLE',True) == d.getVar('HOST_GOTUPLE',True)]}"
def go_map_arch(a, d):
import re
if re.match('i.86', a):
return '386'
elif a == 'x86_64':
return 'amd64'
elif re.match('arm.*', a):
return 'arm'
elif re.match('aarch64.*', a):
return 'arm64'
elif re.match('p(pc|owerpc)(|64)', a):
return 'powerpc'
elif re.match('mips64.*', a):
return 'mips64'
bb.error("cannot map '%s' to a Go architecture" % a)
def go_map_arm(a, f, d):
import re
if re.match('arm.*', a) and re.match('arm.*7.*', f):
return '7'
return ''
def go_map_os(o, d):
if o.startswith('linux'):
return 'linux'
return o
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