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# set the ARCH environment variable for kernel compilation (including
# modules). return value must match one of the architecture directories
# in the kernel source "arch" directory
valid_archs = "alpha cris ia64 \
i386 x86 \
m68knommu m68k ppc powerpc powerpc64 ppc64 \
sparc sparc64 \
arm arm26 \
m32r mips \
sh sh64 um h8300 \
parisc s390 v850 \
avr32 blackfin \
def map_kernel_arch(a, d):
import re
valid_archs = d.getVar('valid_archs', True).split()
if re.match('(i.86|athlon|x86.64)$', a): return 'x86'
elif re.match('arm26$', a): return 'arm26'
elif re.match('armeb$', a): return 'arm'
elif re.match('aarch(64|64be)(_32|)$', a): return 'arm64'
elif re.match('mips(el|64|64el)$', a): return 'mips'
elif re.match('p(pc|owerpc)(|64)', a): return 'powerpc'
elif re.match('sh(3|4)$', a): return 'sh'
elif re.match('bfin', a): return 'blackfin'
elif re.match('microblazeel', a): return 'microblaze'
elif a in valid_archs: return a
bb.error("cannot map '%s' to a linux kernel architecture" % a)
def map_uboot_arch(a, d):
import re
if re.match('p(pc|owerpc)(|64)', a): return 'ppc'
elif re.match('i.86$', a): return 'x86'
return a
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