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Release repository for qemux86-64

Montavista Software, LLC. release of qemux86-64.

How to use:

git clone --recursive
cd opencgx-qemu-4.14-2.4

By default, the script will create a project called project, you may change this by adding the directory name you would like to use on the source line:

source <my directory>

After running the top level, you are ready to build. When starting another session, you can source the script in the project directory to get started. This script will automatically source the environment for the build tools stored under buildtools, and sources the poky/oe-init-build-env script.

From that point, the project should work like any other yocto based build system. So a command like the following will build images that you can run via qemu or on a real target.

cd project
cd <my directory>
bitbake core-image-minimal 
runqemu qemux86-64 nographic slirp

For additional information see the yocto documentaion:

directory layout:

       project - bitbake project for the qemux86-64 project build
       buildtools - build tools to provide minimal build requirement for poky builds
       layers - layers for building qemux86-64 project - project setup script  

The default MACHINE is qemux86-64.