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// ActivityType.swift
// FlintCore-iOS
// Created by Marc Palmer on 20/04/2018.
// Copyright © 2018 Montana Floss Co. Ltd. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
#if canImport(Intents)
import Intents
/// This type indicates what caused the continuation of an `NSUserActivity` in the app.
/// This is passed in the `source` of an Action's `context` so the receiver can tell
/// under what conditions it was invoked if performed as a result of a continuation.
public enum ActivityType {
/// The activity came from a Spotlight search result being selected
case search
/// The activity came from a web browser
case browsingWeb
/// The activity came from ClassKit
case classKit
/// The activity is from a Siri Intent interaction that has returned an activity in its response.
/// Examples include the intent indicating the user should continue in the app, the user tapped the Siri response
/// panel, or the intent returned an alternative activity that should occur when the user interacts with the
/// response.
#if canImport(Intents) && (os(iOS) || os(watchOS))
case siri(interaction: INInteraction)
/// The activity is assumed to come from Siri (suggestions/pro-active) or similar if no other indication is
/// found in the activity
case other
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