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// PermissionAdapter.swift
// FlintCore
// Created by Marc Palmer on 01/05/2018.
// Copyright © 2018 Montana Floss Co. Ltd. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
/// The interface for components that provide access to underlying system permissions.
public protocol SystemPermissionAdapter: AnyObject {
/// Must return `true` only if this permission is available on the current runtime platform and device.
/// This is used by the permission checker to avoid instantiating adapters that are not relevant, and to avoid
/// access to APIs that are not available on all devices. Without this the permission checker has to have all
/// the #if os(xxx) checks, which is invasive
static var isSupported: Bool { get }
/// Called to create all the adapters supported by this type of permission.
/// This is called to enable adapters that have multiple variants to create all the appropriate
/// objects for the current platform.
static func createAdapters(for permission: SystemPermissionConstraint) -> [SystemPermissionAdapter]
/// The permission this adapter can verify and authorise
var permission: SystemPermissionConstraint { get }
/// The current status of the permission
var status: SystemPermissionStatus { get }
/// The OS's usage description key required for this permission.
/// Used to sanity check that all required Info.plist are set
var usageDescriptionKey: String { get }
/// When called must ask the OS to ask the user to grant the permission
func requestAuthorisation(completion: @escaping (_ adapter: SystemPermissionAdapter, _ status: SystemPermissionStatus) -> Void)
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