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// LogEvent.swift
// FlintCore-iOS
// Created by Marc Palmer on 27/03/2018.
// Copyright © 2018 Montana Floss Co. Ltd. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
/// A single log event.
/// This includes high level context information so that logs can identify more accurately what items relate to.
/// In the case of `Feature` based apps, this means you can tell all the log activity that relates to a specific feature
/// just by looking at the logs. Even if it comes from different subsystems.
public class LogEvent: UniquelyIdentifiable {
/// The date the event occurred
public let date: Date
/// The date the event occurred
public let sequenceID: UInt
/// A generated unique ID.
public lazy var uniqueID: String = { return "\(date.timeIntervalSince1970)-\(sequenceID)" }()
/// The level of the event
public let level: LoggerLevel
/// The contextual information for the log event
public let context: LogEventContext
/// The text to log
public let text: String
/// Initialise the event
init(date: Date, sequenceID: UInt, level: LoggerLevel, context: LogEventContext, text: String) { = date
self.sequenceID = sequenceID
self.level = level
self.context = context
self.text = text
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