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// LoggerOutput.swift
// FlintCore
// Created by Marc Palmer on 31/12/2017.
// Copyright © 2017 Montana Floss Co. Ltd. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
/// An implementation of logging output. This is the protocol to implement to output logs to your chosen logging system.
/// - note: Log events for excluded levels will never be passed in to the implementation. Interactions with your logging system's
/// own log level may need close attention. The expectation at the app level is that if something passes the log filtering
/// of Flint that it will appear in the logs. This is particularly important for Focus where Flint will flip the
/// effective log level to DEBUG to allow all loggic for the focused topics through. If your logging subsystem is set
/// to log level INFO then these log events will not be logged.
public protocol LoggerOutput {
/// Called to log a single log event. Implementations must output this to the logging system in an appropriate format.
/// The intention is that *every* event passed to this function must be included in the log. Flint has already
/// applied log level filtering.
func log(event: LogEvent)
/// Implement this function to copy the logs produced to files under the `path` URL.
/// This is used by `Flint.gatherReportZip()` to obtain a debug report containing all information relating to the
/// user's situation.
func copyForArchiving(to path: URL)